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No Decision on Parcel 9 – The Plot Thickens

Eastat's Residential Proposal
Eastat’s Residential Proposal

Herald’s sources were incorrect in expecting MassDOT to award Parcel 9 yesterday at their December meeting. The expectation was that developer Eastat would get the go-ahead for their proposed $40 million residential building with a ground floor marketplace. Instead, MassDOT put off the decision until January 6th.

The Boston Museum’s Proposed Civic Project For Parcel 9

The Boston Museum’s Proposed Civic Project For Parcel 9This news was quickly followed up by a press release from the Boston Museum saying, “we remain confident that the State will make the right decision and designate Parcel 9 as the Museum’s future home.”

This is the second meeting where the State has oddly decided not to vote on the designation. In this meeting, more questions were asked about the bidders and their RFP responses but no vote was taken.

My sense is that Eastat’s residential plan is still the favorite, but the delay gives the Museum more time to rally support (and funding).

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  1. The Boston Museum has been unable to raise funds for the last ten years. This is the third site they have coveted (City Hall Plaza, the ramp parcel near Fulton St, now this one). We are in a recession and if nobody gave them money during the good times, they aren’t going to get it now. They should just give it up.

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