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Emerson Student Files Final Report on the Neighborhood

She has walked the streets, researched the history, talked to the residents and visited the shops and restaurants. Now, Krista Firkins files her final report on the issues in the North End/Waterfront neighborhood as part of an Emerson College journalism project.

Click here to read the series of articles by Firkin’s on various neighborhood issues. The website, Bostonia by Emerson, also contains similar reports on other Boston neighborhoods. The Emerson journalism course was taught by David Abel, a reporter and editor with the Boston Globe.

6 Replies to “Emerson Student Files Final Report on the Neighborhood

  1. What the h#@! is the North End Waterfront Community Council. I wish these people would get facts and names of groups straight. Not a very good report in my opinion.

  2. – She sounds cute (albeit a little bored).
    – I hope she gets an A.
    – I would give her an A, plus a bag of 20s, if she could get her peers to stop partying ’til 3am on rooftops, put their late-night trash in barrels, use the correct garbage bags, and walk to the right on the sidewalk.

  3. Remember what I said about your chances of getting a parking garage for residents? Same odds apply here!

  4. She by no means deserves an A. Her English is at a 5th grade level, and her articles are replete with grammatical errors. More important, she calls NEWRA an activist group that is trying to preserve the Italian fabric of the neighborhood. I think not!

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