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SJC Listens to Fustolo vs Hollander

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court heard oral arguments today for the case of Fustolo v. Hollander on the issue of petitioning activity. This appeal arises out of a defamation action by a North End real estate developer, Fustolo, against a North End newspaper writer, Hollander, where the defendant claimed that her writings constituted protected petitioning activities under the anti-SLAPP statute.

The arguments were webcast at www.suffolk.edu/sjc although the archive video won’t be available for a few days. A decision is likely weeks away. I will post the video when available.

DanKennedy.net “live-blogged” the event.  Kennedy, who was paid to write an affidavit for Hollander, wrapped up:
“It strikes me that the questions were equally tough for both sides — that Harvey Shapiro, the lawyer for journalist-activist Fredda Hollander, and Bruce Edmands, the lawyer for developer Steven Fustolo, were kept on the defensive during their arguments. No way of saying how this will come out.”

North End Reporter Takes Developer’s Lawsuit to Mass Supreme Court