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Boston is Second-Safest City for Pedestrians

The Globe highlights that Boston’s reputation as a walking city remains intact. A recent report by Transportation of American ranked Boston as the second-safest walking city.

“We easily have much that is positive to build on. Boston is consistently rated as one of America’s most walkable cities, with nearly 5 percent of residents walk to work, second only to the New York City metropolitan area. Adjoining suburbs tend to be very walkable. We also have towns across the state clamoring for more sidewalks, to create better access to schools, soccer fields, and town centers.”

Still, it’s not exactly a cakewalk. Pedestrian deaths accounted for 18 percent of traffic fatalities in 2007-2008. Apparently, Tampa, Miami and Orlando are near death traps.

One Reply to “Boston is Second-Safest City for Pedestrians

  1. Having lived in Dallas, I can tell you that there are big cities where there are not even sidewalks in many places. As for Boston being a walking city, keep in mind it is definitely number one. The study that put us behind D.C. considered the number of walkable communities within the metropolitan statistical area. This is retarded. If you want, take a walk a few blocks southeast from the White House after dusk. You’ll reconsider D.C. as a walking city, not to mention the unbelievable number of muggings that occur in broad daylight. Everyone I know who has ever lived in D.C has been the victim of crime. Everyone. Boston beats New York because sometimes there are peoplejams on sidewalks, reducing speed. Boston, New York, D.C., Chicago, San Fran and even Atlanta have lots of great opportunities for walks right in the city itself. Just leave the bling at home if you’re in D.C. And gage a walking city best by whether you need a car to live a full life.

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