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15th Annual Christmas Program for North End Children

Saint Agrippina di Mineo Benefit Society
15th Annual Christmas Program for North End Children

Sunday, December 13th from 12-2 p.m.
Saint Agrippina’s Chapel, 459 Hanover Street in the North End of Boston

All who wish to attend please call 617-363-2678 between November 21st
and December 6th.  To confirm you must supply your child’s age,
gender, address, and phone number.

Please, you must confirm no later than December 6th.  All children 10
and under will receive a picture with Santa Claus and a gift.
Children must be present and accompanied by an adult.
Also as part of the festivities: face painting, balloons, characters, gift bags.
Bring your camera!
Saint Agrippina’s Christmas Program is for North End Residents only.
Merry Christmas – and Viva Sant’ Agrippina!

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