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Neighborhood Reps Choke at Bocce Game

The Herald is reporting that the home town bocce crew was beat by a group of outsiders today, in a benefit game for the Columbus Day Committee.

State Representatives Aaron Michlewitz, Carlo Basile, State Senator Anthony Petrucelli and City Councilor Sal LaMattina lost to Representatives Marty Walz, Kathi Anne Reinstein, Thomas Golden and Katherine Clark.

Apparently, most of the winning team had never played bocce before. Ouch!

One Reply to “Neighborhood Reps Choke at Bocce Game

  1. I participated in the Columbus Bocce tournament with the hopes of bringing home the Columbus Day Cup for myself – and I am sad and embarrased to say that my hopes were dashed by the novice champions also – what is worse, is that as the first line of defense in upholding my neighborhoods proud tradition and boasting rights, my team was the first team to be vanquished by the winning outsiders!!!!

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