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City’s Street Improvement Team Coming to North End on Thursday, October 1st


From the City’s Office of Neighborhood Services:
The City’s Street Improvement Team is coming to the North End on Thursday, October 1st. They will be in the neighborhood between 9am-1pm on Cross St between Hanover and North Streets (closer to Hanover St)  Please feel free to come by and give us requests for work you would like to see done.

This is a citywide effort to take care of outstanding issues in one aggressive and coordinated approach. Please note, that this is intended to target existing street signs, existing crosswalks, and existing street trees. This initiative is not for the purpose of erecting new signs, painting new crosswalks or planting new trees. As always, the Office of Neighborhood Services will be happy to assist you in the task of erecting new signs, painting new crosswalks and planting new signs.

Work to be accomplished includes the replacement of all old, faded, missing or vandalized street name signs, traffic and parking regulatory signs, and poles throughout the targeted neighborhoods.  Crosswalks and other pavement markings will be spruced up simultaneously and any trees blocking the visibility of signs and traffic signals will be trimmed.  In addition, traffic signals, traffic signal control boxes and street light poles will be painted, potholes will be repaired, streets will be cleaned, power washing will be undertaken and abandoned vehicles will be removed.

If you happen to miss them on Thursday you can also submit your requests through the City’s website or call the Mayor’s 24 Hour Hotline at 617-635-4500. For more information, contact Nicole Leo at the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, North End/Waterfront, West End Coordinator, Room 708 Boston City Hall, 617-635-4987 or