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Fairmont Battery Wharf Update Shows Progress

fairmontsignThe Fairmont Battery Wharf, has been making some progress on melding itself into the community, although there are still some promises yet to be fulfilled. The hotel management appears to be making the most efforts to reach out, while the developer continues to procrastinate regarding the restoration of Battery Street.

  • The Fairmont hotel has offered up its conference facilities to the various neighborhood organizations, on a pro bono basis. With the elimination of the VFW and other public spaces being more limited, this is a nice gesture that has already been used by NEWNC. It is also a good way for North End residents to see the development’s restaurant/bar/hotel facilities up close.
  • The 20% discount on available hotel rooms for neighborhood residents is still ongoing through year-end. It would be great to see this extended into 2010.

At the August 13th North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association meeting, the zoning and development committee provided a report on the following:

  • The North End Resident Parking signs have been installed along the four (or five) spaces along Commercial Street, after the facility failed to receive the valet license it sought there.
  • The outdoor patio for Sensing Restaurant is being operated as approved by the Licensing Board.
  • The patio table and chairs between Buildings 4 and 5 (across from Lincoln/Burroughs Wharves) are open, although there is no signage that welcomes the public. This area was originally sought as a private patio for its premium customers, but that request was withdrawn at the request of the Licensing Board. Currently, the area does not offer any food or beverage service.
  • The Maritime Museum is open in Building 2, although there have been reports the elevator and restrooms are often inaccessible. NEWRA has asked these be open during museum hours.

NEWRA’s ZLC committee reports that the improvements to Battery Street and dangerously high curb line have not been remediated by the developer or the Dept of Public Works. 

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One Reply to “Fairmont Battery Wharf Update Shows Progress

  1. I spoke to the Mayor directly about Battery Street, and Nicole Leo reported back that it would be done by season’s end (according to the Mayor). In the meantime, Fairmont could have just coughed up the dough and fought the battle itself with the city. At NEWRA, to watch people who use and live on Battery Street fighting for justice and being asked by the site manager to fight the city was disgusting. That should be Fairmont’s fight. They will NEVER be a part of the community, and they should be the last resort for visiting friends or meal times. As for their elevators and restrooms being closed. Too bad the elvators are closed, because they’d make a great restroom. I have not patronized the Oak Room since I learned of Fairmont’s bad behavior.

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