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More Harbor Garage Reaction – Aquarium & Massport Protest

200906harborgaragetowersketchWith the July 6th comment deadline now passed, more information is coming out about the reaction to the Chiofaro towers proposal to build a 560 ft high office building, a 690 foot tall residential and hotel building and a 770 foot skyframe in place of the Harbor Garage. The Boston Business Journal reported:

“There were 381 letters and postcards submitted in support of the project and 252 letters opposed to the project. Many of the people who submitted letters in favor of the project were part of a write-in campaign, led by Chiafaro, to win approval for the plan. Of the 266 postcards submitted, 144 were signed by people who do not live in Boston, according to the BRA. A majority of the letters opposed to the project cited density and height as the main reasons they object to Chiofaro’s plan, the BRA said.”

The Aquarium has come out against the proposal. Bud Ris, President of the Aquarium, said in their letter, th “Aquarium is deeply concerned that the project will negatively impact the Aquarium’s visitors, staff, animals and facilities. Detrimental impacts from the six-year construction period that is proposed will seriously and negatively effect the Aquarium, and the combination of all the impacts of the project will endanger the Aquarium’s operational and fiscal health.”

MassPort has also challenged the proposal primarily due to airspace concerns because the structures are higher than the 625 foot limit set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). “Massport cannot condone and urges you to help prevent any degradation of the airspace surrounding Boston-Logan by tall structures proposed as part of this project.”

The Boston Harbor Association, said the project is contrary to Chapter 91 tidelands regulations which require developers to provide 50 percent open space. The project “is unprecedented along Boston Harbor to satisfy the tidelands regulation’s open space requirement with private, interior lobby space.” TBHA does not appear overly concerned with the height of the towers.

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