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NEWRA’s June Meeting Vote Summary

Here is a rundown of the issues and votes from the June 11th North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) meeting. It was announced that NEWRA’s membership is now at 317 members. NEWRA’s Zoning, Licensing & Construction (ZLC) Committee will be having an important meeting next Tuesday, June 23 (Pilot House, 7pm) to review and vote on a ZLC comment letter regarding the Harbor Garage Redevelopment. See the calendar for details and other upcoming meetings.

111 Salem Street – New Restaurant “Spazzo”
NEWRA voted 30-12 in support of transfering a beer/wine license to 111 Salem Street. Owner Joe Bono purchased a license from Finale Desserterie and requested a transfer to a proposed new restaurant at 111 Salem St named “Spazzo”. Finale had previously intended to open on Cross Street but has since withdrawn those plans.

111/109 Salem Street Outdoor Patio Service
NEWRA voted overwhelmingly to oppose both outdoor patios proposed by owner Joe Bono for the existing Al Dente (109 Salem St) and the proposed Spazzo (111 Salem St). In two separate votes, the results were 10-39 (111 Salem St) and 7-37 (109 Salem St) with the majority opposing the patios.

20 Parmenter St, North End Union Building
In a vote of 32-15, NEWRA supported Joe Perroncello’s application for zoning relief to build a 1-story addition to the North End Union Building. See this previous post for details.

Candidate Statements
The three candidates for the 3rd Suffolk District State Representative were given the opportunity to speak to NEWRA members. Democrat Aaron Michlewitz and Independent John Keith both shared their comments with the audience. Republican David Trumbul was not present.

See for more details.