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Neighborhood Council Hears Updates on Phase III in Boston, Discusses N. Washington St. Bridge Progress

The North End/ Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) July 2020 meeting started with a series of notable reports and updates, summarized below.

Brett Roman, NEWNC President’s Report:

  • Members were reminded that the North End/ Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) and NEWNC will host a joint meeting on Wednesday, July 22nd at 6pm with local elected officials. Councilor Lydia Edwards, Senator Joseph Boncore, and Senator Aaron Michlewitz will be in attendance at the meeting. Virtual meeting information will be available soon.
  • On Wednesday, July 15th at 6pm, there will be a virtual meeting with the City of Boston and the MBTA regarding potential bus lane improvements to North Washington Street.
  • The virtual Taste of the North End event will be held on September 9th from 7-8pm.
  • NEWNC will not host an August meeting. The next meeting will be September 14th, 2020 at 7pm.

John Romano, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services:

  • City Hall Plaza renovations recently kicked off. The renovations will include more green space, accessibility, and seating as well as some public art installations.
  • Phase III of the City’s reopening plan during the COVID-19 pandemic started Monday, July 13. In this phase, City Hall continues business hours on Tuesdays and Fridays to the public. Officials are continuing to explore ways to make City services more accessible to the public. Further guidance can be found here.
    • Fitness and health clubs, museums, outdoor events, cultural and historical institutions, and guided tours are able to reopen in this phase.
    • Outdoor events are limited to fifty people, and require following face coverings and physical distancing.
    • Libraries remain physically closed, but their online borrowing services are open to residents.
    • City will be hosting drive-in movie programs throughout the summer. Although most of the tickets have already sold out, some spots remain available for the Age Strong matinee show. Call 311 to get signed up.
  • Conversations regarding the upcoming need for moving permits are continuing with officials. Updates are expected soon; however, any individual moving concerns can be directed to the parking clerk or to John Romano.
  • Taxi coupons normally sold by the Age Strong Commission to elderly residents will not be sold until the Mayor lifts the emergency order for Boston.

Committee Reports

Public Safety: The Boston Police Department public safety liaison for the North End should be reported within the next week or so.

Greenway Committee: The Greenway continues to slowly reopen, bringing back food trucks with the beer garden Trillium soon to follow. Updates can be found here.

Resident Parking/Traffic Committee: The North Washington Bridge will move into the next phase starting Friday, July 17th, transitioning from usage of the old bridge to the temporary bridge. It is anticipated that this will cause traffic congestion.

The issue regarding lost parking from the “Cafe Zones” continues to be evaluated by City officials. Currently, residents must have a valid residential parking permit registered to 52 – 139 Salem Street or 13 – 381 Hanover Street in order to be eligible for a free parking space at the Government Center Garage.

4 Replies to “Neighborhood Council Hears Updates on Phase III in Boston, Discusses N. Washington St. Bridge Progress

  1. “The issue regarding lost parking from the “Cafe Zones” continues to be evaluated by City officials.”

    By the time the city officials finish evaluating the lost parking, the summer will be over…

    1. It passed fairly quickly, but the parking situation they can claim they never saw coming. Now you can imagine why they saw pot stores as essential services.

  2. Steve,
    I agree. It has been over a month since so many resident spots were taken up by these café zones and still no real relief for the residents trying to park in this neighborhood. The number of resident parking spots taken up by the café zones throughout the North End (not just Hanover Street and Salem Street) doesn’t come close to the number of free Government Center spots being offered by the City.

  3. Well I posted when the idea of these “cafe zones” was first introduced. I said that (as usual) the residents of the North End would get the short end of the stick if this “plan” was implemented. I rest my case.

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