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Fire Erupts Christmas Morning on Hull Street

An early morning fire broke out on the roof of 52 Hull Street, a 4-story residential building at the corner of Snowhill Street in Boston’s North End. Ladder 1 was called at 4:21 a.m. and with 5 alarms being subsequently ordered by 4:33 a.m. Boston Fire reported that no residents were home at time of fire and two firefighters were treated with minor injuries. The fire spread to all floors throughout the apartment building but BFD was able to compress and put down the fire quickly. BFD estimates $4 million in damages with adjacent buildings also being impacted. The location is across the street from the Copp’s Hill Burying Ground on the Freedom Trail.

Fire seen looking down Hull Street (Photo by Nicole Bake)
Boston Fire Department on the scene early Christmas morning (Photo by Nicole Bake)

The building is across from Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, seen here. (Photo by Nicole Bake)

9 Replies to “Fire Erupts Christmas Morning on Hull Street

  1. Thank God nobody was seriously hurt or killed. This could have been a tragedy.. thank you to the great firefighters for containing this fire..

    1. Sorry to hear about your car, Anthony~~~~~but, as you said NOTHING compares to life and the safety of the people !

  2. I lived there the first 20 years of my childhood 1953 through 1973, when I got married. Have passed that building numerous time recently and always wanted to go in and see if it was still the same, after all these years. I now regret not stopping and asking.
    That was the last link to my past in the North End. St Mary’s, my gramma school is gone. St. Mary’s church is gone, now my old house! Is there some sort of message in all this?
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
    I was happy to hear that no one was injured in that tragic fire.

  3. Rumor has it that the owner of that building also had big fire at corner of north Margin and cooper st a couple of years ago Don’t know how true it is

    1. Wow thats fishy to say the least. A quick search of the city database show they are both owned by a family of the same name. Hope the BFD are looking into this. Thankfully noone was hurt!

      1. Well, it’s not actually a rumor. Cooper St and the Hull St properties are all owned (or at least held in a trust or corporation) by the same family. They also own a 3rd building. A women was severely burned during the Cooper St fire. That story is also on this site. Very thankfully no one was hurt at the Hull St fire.

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