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Home Invasion Suspect Arrested After Shooting Himself in the Foot

Endicott Street – North End Boston (Google Maps)

A violent home invasion and armed robbery occurred at 77 Endicott Street in Boston’s North End on May 23rd around midnight.

There were four men – one with a sawed-off shotgun and two with knives – according to police reports from a female victim who was staying with her boyfriend at the apartment. She reported that the men were looking for something in her boyfriend’s roommate’s room.

At one point during the robbery, the man with the gun fired accidentally toward the floor and literally shot himself in the foot.

Witnesses outside saw the suspects speed off and reported the license plate to the police. Several large bags of marijuana were later found in the apartment.

Boston Police later found additional bags of marijuana, scales and drug paraphernalia in the apartment along with a large safe that had been kicked open. The female victim said she did not know the roommate well and his door was usually padlocked.

Detectives identified the motor vehicle using the license plate number. After seeing the regional alert, a Somerville detective identified the suspect as familiar to him.

BPD detectives found a shooting victim at a Cambridge hospital being treated for the aforementioned foot injury and matching the suspect’s description.

Boston Police arrested 19 year old Nikolas Angelesco of Somerville for armed robbery, home invasion and kidnapping.

This post was updated after the police report came out. H/T for initial scanner reports from Universal Hub. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

8 Replies to “Home Invasion Suspect Arrested After Shooting Himself in the Foot

  1. The 6 p.m. news just featured the break-in , and of course the long-time Northenders blamed the students. I could not believe it., and it goes on and on, just as the Northenders blame high rents when the story goes like this: the landlords are selling, moving to burbs, and charging the high rents after renovations. It’s an old song, people of the North End.

  2. Jam, if your going to make statement about “Northenders” and a comment about a story get your facts straight. First of all it was an armed robbery & home invasion carried out by the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.I’m not trying to make light of this because these type of crimes [unheard of in the history of the NE} are extremely violent and dangerous.However these are not random crimes the perpetrators know exactly which apt or house to go to and what is in the place.The obviously knew [unlike the clueless female roommate who claims that she knew nothing?] The still unnamed tenant was obviously selling and storing large quantities of pot in the apartment & bringing in an element into the neighborhood, so it’s understandable that NE WOULD BE UPSET.

    1. We all know the extent of this crime. My point is: instead of blaming the students in the NE, as the Northenders usually do, enlarge your world a bit, and admit that it very well could have been someone from OUTSIDE the North End.
      Lo and behold, they were not from the ‘hood. That was my point. I did not say that people should not be upset. I did not minimize the crime. Did not say it was random…..it was for drugs…we all know that.

      1. JAM, let me put the cards on the table & lets be honest. There are “original NorthEnders who will NEVER accept what they consider “outsiders” even though this change started 40 or 50 years ago.There are SOME” “newcomers who wish that the “oldtimers” would take their old world ways, customs and traditions including the summer Feasts and go back to Italy or anywhere else. All the ills in the NE [ trash problems , dog crap problems & the attacks on women , and of course dugs] cannot be blamed on newcomers & students. Now SOME students & young people [you must admit] are to blame for these booze-fueled parties that go into into the wee hours of the morning that are disrespectful to everyone. Drugs have been a problem in the NE since the sixties , it’s the NEends dirty secret & many “original & lifelong residents” to this day refuse to face it and live in denial.On this forum there will be more outrage if someone posts a photo of a mattress or an old piece of furniture left in the street than of syringes being found throughout the neighborhood. The NE I once knew is ” dead” and has been since the 70s. Some of the originals just haven’t read the obit yet.So in conclusion I have no beef with you because I have expanded my world.Todays NE is a tourist trap filled with overpriced apartments, cheesy shops & eateries ,far too many bars and a cash cow for the city of Boston.

    2. Oh yeah, the mob got their reputation by credit card fraud right? No drugs, no violence. You’ve got to be kidding me…

      You just validated JAM’s point.

  3. JAM, What the hell are you still living in the No. End for? The City has provided more than a sufficient amount of
    new rental properties, get out.

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