2015 Abstract Sculpture at Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway (Photo by Matt Conti)

The Abstract Sculpture, a public art split dodecahedron at the Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway, was reconfigured this week for the 2015 season.

The new configuration of the Abstract Sculpture is quite a dramatic change going from one of the tallest arrangements to a more squat, horizontal shape. The annual configuration is the fourth since the park was dedicated in May 2012.

The 2015 configuration of the Abstract Sculpture is symbolic of all who were pulled away from their country of origin as reflected in the two halves of the split dodecahedron pulled apart, slightly touching. The 2015 Abstract Sculpture is in observance of the Centennial of Armenian Genocide.

All are invited to attend a reception to view the sculpture on Saturday, April 11 from 2-3pm. Please RSVP to info@ArmenianHeritagePark.org

The Foundation group thoughtfully created this brochure last year with all the configurations from 2012 through 2014. See more about the park at www.armenianheritagepark.org.

See more information about the park at ArmenianHeritagePark.org,

See more photos.

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  1. Matt, thanks for the photos and the link to the ArmenianHeritagePark.org. In viewing them side by side, followed by clicking on the new photo, there is quite a difference. The new sculpture gives an impression of stability and peace.

  2. Matt, enjoy seeing the images, but no mention of the artist. Do you know who the artist is? THANKS! Hope your

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