How the North End “Got it Right”: 2014 Election Results

State Rep. Dan Ryan, State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, Attorney General Candidate Maura Healey, Boston City Coucilor Sal LaMattina.
Attorney General-Elect Maura Healy, at a North End fundraiser pictured with State Rep. Dan Ryan, State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, and Boston City Coucilor Sal LaMattina. (Photo by Conor Finley)

Bellwether communities often mirror election results and are frequently used by political pollsters to help predict election outcomes. In the 2014 Massachusetts general election, the North End voted almost 100% in sync with the statewide outcomes. Let’s take a closer look at how the North End neighborhood voted in Tuesday’s election which made Charlie Baker the 72nd Governor of the Commonwealth.

In almost every statewide election and campaign question, the North End was congruent with the outcome of Massachusetts. The North End similarly favored every candidate for statewide office, and they voted along with the state on 3 out of the 4 ballot questions. Below is a complete breakdown of how the North End came about as close as it can get to mirroring the statewide votes of Massachusetts. In fact, ballot question 1 was the only outlier, voting against the rest of the state, being defeated by only 195 votes in the neighborhood.

Gubernatorial Race Results:

Charlie Baker will be sworn into the corner office in January, defeating Democrat Martha Coakley (48.5% – 46.6%). The North End voted true to the rest of the state with all 4 precincts in the neighborhood voting in favor of Baker and a difference of only 303 votes (1834-1531). It was even closer in Precinct 6 (Harbor Towers / Downtown) where Baker received 722 votes to Coakley’s 707.

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Attorney General Race Results:

As with the rest of Massachusetts, the North End convincingly voted Maura Healey with 60% of the vote to be the next Attorney General. Healey will become the first openly gay Attorney General in the country.

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State Treasurer Race Results:

Deborah Goldberg will take the position of State Treasurer, winning the majority in the North End as well as statewide.

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Ballot Question Results:

Ballot question 1: Eliminating the Gas Tax Indexing, meaning a ‘yes’ vote would repeal a 2013 law that increases gas tax with inflation, passed. Statewide Results: YES: 52.9%  NO: 47.1% / North End Vote: No

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Ballot question 2: Expanding the Beverage Container Deposit Law, which would expand the state’s beverage container recycling law to include all non-alcoholic containers, was overwhelmingly voted down. Statewide Results: YES: 26.6%  NO: 73.4% / North End Vote: No

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Ballot question 3: Expanding Prohibitions on Gaming, which would repeal the 2011 law allowing three resort casinos and a slot parlor in Massachusetts, was voted down, allowing the casinos and slot parlor to proceed as planned. Statewide Results: YES: 39.9%  NO: 60.1% / North End Vote: No

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Ballot question 4: Earned Sick Time for Employees, which would entitle certain employees to accrue and use sick time, passed statewide. Statewide Results: YES: 59.5%  NO: 40.5% / North End Vote: YES

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State Representative: 3rd Suffolk District Race Results:

Representative Aaron Michlewitz will retain his seat in the House of Representatives after running unopposed.

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State Senate: 1st Suffolk and Middlesex District Race Results:

Running unopposed, State Senator Anthony Petruccelli also cruised to victory.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 5.54.48 PMFor complete election results in the city of Boston, visit the City’s Election Page