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Locals and Young Fife and Drum Corps Join Joe Perry for Photo Shoot


While hanging out on the playground at the Eliot after school on Tuesday, about 20 fully uniformed drummers and fifers trickled onto the Prado. They are the William Diamond Junior Fife and Drum Corps from Lexington, Mass. The corps was there for the photo shoot with Joe Perry. I heard that it was his idea to do it in the North End (he said that he used to have an apartment here) – and his idea to have the Fife and Drum Corps in the shoot. From a business card from Tanya Morrisett, Event Manager:

“The William Diamond Junior Fife and Drum Corps is a youth musical organization. Our mission is to perpetuate our nation’s historical music through education and performance. Playing the six-hole wooden fife and rope-tension drum, our uniformed musicians play historical and patriotic music from all eras in our country’s history. Yearly, the William Diamond Juniors are invited to perform in historical events, parades, celebrations, and ceremonies throughout the northeast and abroad.”

They looked great, and sounded even greater! Living here, we often see folks walking around dressed as historical figures – for me, it was really impressive to see so many at once in uniform, and to see so many so young.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to chaperone a field trip with my 5th grader’s class from the Eliot to the Pierce House in Dorchester. During that particular visit, the kids got to see, touch, and hear about a Minuteman’s uniform. One of them even got to try on all the parts of it while the rest of the class counted to 60 (a Minuteman had to be ready in a Minute’s time). The Pierce House staff did an extraordinary job of describing what went into making each of the uniforms (from sheep shearing and material making, to blacksmith, cobbler, etc). Also what went into making the supplies that a soldier would carry in his rucksack (toothbrush (pig hair, if I remember correctly), comb (from cow horn), silverware, plate, cup, water canteen, powderhorn, etc).

In 2014, seeing 20 kids ages 8-18 in these 1770s uniforms was fabulous – and imagine, as young as 13 or so was a normal age for a person to become a Minuteman!

It was also very exciting to see what has to happen to pull a photo shoot off. Joe Perry was very kind, and friendly. At one point during the photo shoot, he suggested to the guy in charge that the crowd be included in some photos. In one photo I attach, fan Lori Rosenberg is telling him that her son Tam plays guitar ;). The cool red smoke was from some sort of flare. Can’t wait to see the magazine when it comes out!

Photos by Becca Griffin. View the photo gallery by clicking on any thumbnail image.

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  1. As a Mom to a couple kids with William Diamond, I can tell you that Fife and Drum has been a great experience for our kids! While based in Lexington, kids in the Corps come from all over to take part. Check the kids out on the web and if your child is interested, the group recruits every year!
    Lori B
    Fife and Drum Mom

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