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Weekly North End Trash Roundup

Recurring trash problems as submitted by NEWF readers this week:

Anya highlights Greenough Lane above where she sees signs of a significant amount of underage drinking and drug use in the back of the park. “Here is an example of what we find almost every morning Friday through Monday. The underage drinking in conjunction with the lack of a trash barrel is truly a growing and concerning problem.”

Toni sends in this disgusting display at 149 Fulton Street.

This scene of trash all over the sidewalk including a kitchen barrel is from 56-58 Prince Street. (Submitted by Toni)

Under the heading “TV’s like company,” Phil Orlandella shares this corner full of televisions.

Did you take a picture of an excessively bad trash situation in the North End / Waterfront? Email it with a description to for next week’s roundup.

11 Replies to “Weekly North End Trash Roundup

  1. come on this problem has been occuring for years and still nothing has been done
    up the charge for the vendors
    shameful put on some more man power knowing the feast is takaing place
    its bad enough their is trash on curbs and streets but when august strolls around its worse
    and for the TV ‘s droped off left on the sidewalk let the FINES begin

  2. Many years ago (30+), before the park at Greenough and Charter was redeveloped, it was the site of the same type of teen activity – drinking, noise, until late into the night. When the cobblestones were put in along with the landscaping, it seemed to dissipate. I guess some behaviors and their locations never change. Back then, it was mostly all Italian residents/families and they complained just as today.

  3. The City has made promises they have not KEPT. The absentee SLUMLORDS are the biggest problem
    down here regarding TRASH, and it is always the same buildings.



    Hit them in the pocket and hit them HARD, not these MICKEY MOUSE FINES, they don’t WORK.

    Last week is was 113 & 139 Salem Street & the Trash was there all weekend.

    When Trash is on the Street like this & the City should send down men to pick it up and CHARGE THE
    ABSENTEE LANDLORD for the City’s inconvenience.

    Rats & Mice are running around the North End like House Pets, and according to one of our longtime
    residents, the corner of No. Margin & Cooper St. were infested with Rats & Mice, possibly due to
    the Major Construction Job, but the Taxes are high enough down here to Correct the Problem.

  4. Anyone willing to bet that the people dumping their trash,tv’s and barrels have bumper stickers on their vehicles that read “save the planet” or “go green”.

  5. The Charter St Park on Greenough Lane is a constant problem in regards to garbage as well as its use by neighborhood teens for underage drinking (which are certainly related). After any weekend the rear corner of this park, where the bench is located, is littered with drug paraphernalia (mostly “blunt wraps” compliments of 7-11), empty beer cans, and cigarette butts. Between the City’s refusal to put a trash barrel at this location and the failure of the Boston Police Department to increase foot patrols in the North End, the area is a lost cause. I strongly encourage residents in this area to make reports of this kind of activity so attention can be drawn to a growing problem.

  6. Sallie, I have to respectfully disagree with your comments. 30 -40 plus years ago The Charter and Prince St. playground ,the “Gassy” and we called it the parado not the prado were indeed youthful hangouts but much of the time was spent harmonizing and singing acapella tunes by different groups from the neighborhood. The NE park “Gassy and the Prince St. playground on summer nights featured softball,stickball and handball and other sports.That is what most of the youth did back than including yours truly.Underage drinking was minor and consisted of a few of the boys splitting a quart of beer known as a GIQ.And once and a while if some kids got out of hand they were dealt with swiftly and harshly.


    Wow, my heart was broken to see these photos of trash littered North End streets, I am moving back to the North End after being away for 16 years and cannot understand why business owners, landlords, residents and the Mayor of Boston allow this filth to litter such a beautiful, historic neighborhood. Where has the North End pride gone?

    I recently read the following article written by Matt Rocheleau, a Town Correspondent for Jamaica Plain, regarding their grass root efforts to clean up Centre Street.

    A group of concerned residents and leaders in the Jamaica Plain business community are asking property and business owners to sign a pledge vowing to help clean up litter around the neighborhood.

    As of Friday, 27 businesses had signed the pledge, which is a promise to help to keep sidewalks, gutters and other outdoor areas around their shops clean, including by assigning employees to tidy up on a scheduled basis and to try to have areas outside their storefronts swept at least once a day, said Carlos Icaza, one of the anti-litter group’s leaders.

    The pledge was drafted by a group of several members of the Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association and neighborhood residents who, launched an anti-litter campaign called “JP Shines” in May, said Icaza, who is a board member and former president of the business association.

    The group also hopes to encourage and educated residents and visitors to the neighborhood to not litter and to participate in clean up efforts, he said. And, the group is lobbying for the city to do more to keep JP clean, including by installing larger public trash barrels and by better enforcing anti-litter regulations.

    “We believe that having a clean business district is a good investment because it promotes business and better customer relations,” the group said on the business association website. “A clean shopping district is also what the residents of JP want.”

    The group hopes to raise awareness by having pledge-supporting businesses display “JP Shines” decals in their storefronts.

    The group plans to lead by example on Saturday, Aug. 17, when they will host a clean-up event along a Centre Street.

    Those interested in helping JP Shines can email Icaza at

    E-mail Matt Rocheleau at


    Do your homework before moving back to the North End. Check with the Mayor’s Office at
    617 635 4000, ask for Inspectional Services & see who is Trashing the Neighborhood, where there
    is Trash, there are Plenty of Rats. The Restaurants are Pretty Good about the Trash; it is
    definitely the ABSENTEE LANDLORDS & ABSENTEE SLUMLORDS that should be accountable.
    These people will rent to anyone for the love of Money, their properties are CASH COWS and
    they have no consideration for the longtime residents and those trying to do the right thing.

    Check with the Boston Police Dept. Sgt. Thomas Lema & Capt. Lee regarding NOISE from
    Drunks, Vandalism, Sleepless Nights, Drug Deals, etc. The Police should be able to let you
    know where the Problem Buildings are, THEY have to have a record of complaints that come in
    from other Residents.

    If the Slumlords renovated their properties we would get a better class of people.
    The City has to crack down on these misfits that live in the area, whether they be LONGTIME
    RESIDENTS, STUDENTS, OR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, it has been going on for far TOO

  9. Longtime residents with no job hanging out all day on hanover street drinking – that is a problem.

  10. Salem St guy, you left a couple of cheap shots indicting all “north enders”. This is coming from a guy who probably doesn’t know one “north ender”.

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