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Residents’ Association Issues Comment Letter on Government Center Garage Project

The North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) issued a comment letter, dated July 8, 2013, regarding the Government Center Garage Project.

The proposal, currently under review by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and other agencies, would replace much of the existing 11-story garage between New Sudbury and New Chardon streets with 771 apartments and condominiums, a 204-bed hotel and 1.3 million square feet of office space. The project includes a 48-story office tower, 45-story and 24-story apartment buildings, a 23-story hotel and condominium building, a 9-story office building and a 4-story retail complex. Of the total 2.4 million square feet of new floor space, 85,000 square feet would be for retail and restaurant use. The plans also call for reconfiguring the Haymarket MBTA bus terminal. The highest towers would be closest to Government Center, stepping down in height to 125 feet along the North End Greenway parks.

From the NEWRA comment letter:

NEWRA supports the removal of a portion of the Government Center Garage and replacement and build-out with a transit-oriented, mixed use development that will bring new residential, commercial and retail opportunities. Mixed use, especially with the provision of considerable new housing, will bring greater economic vitality to the commercial and institutional activities in the surrounding areas.

The site is enormous by development standards in our area, offering great opportunities not only from the Project elements, but also from broader public realm and public infrastructure improvements that should accompany a project of this size.

The 7-page letter, signed by NEWRA President Jim Salini, raises several concerns with the current proposal including aspects of the following:

  • Public Review, Approvals, Zoning Changes and Construction Sequencing
  • Greenway District Zoning
  • Adequacy of Infrastructure
  • Parking
  • Public Transportation
  • Public Accommodation
  • Project Massing

Read the complete NEWRA comment letter on the Government Center Garage Project, dated July 8, 2013 (pdf)

On Thursday, July 11th, NEWRA will be hosting Thomas O’Brien, President of HYM Investors, Inc., developer for the Government Center Garage Project. The 7:00 pm meeting is will be held at 30 N. Bennet Street in the Nazzaro Community Center. View the meeting agenda.