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Attempted Robbery / Carjacking at N. Bennet and Hanover Streets [Updated]

Attempted robbery occurred near the corner of Hanover and N. Bennet Streets in Boston’s North End (NorthEndWaterfront.com photo)

First reported as a carjacking by 7News WHDH, Boston Police later followed up with an attempted robbery classification for an incident in Boston’s North End shortly after 11 pm on Monday night.

Two women were in a vehicle near the corner of Hanover and N. Bennet Streets after getting out of work when another car approached and blocked their vehicle as they tried to leave a parking spot. The suspect’s vehicle had no lights on.

One of the two suspects was masked and walked to the driver’s side of the victim’s vehicle, showing a syringe (or possibly a knife) while attempting to open the vehicle door. The victims sounded the car’s horn and the suspect ran back to other vehicle where they drove down N. Bennet Street.

Boston Police are canvassing the area as they continue to search for the suspects.

The post was updated on Tuesday, July 9, 2013.

15 Replies to “Attempted Robbery / Carjacking at N. Bennet and Hanover Streets [Updated]

  1. Hopefully more attention will be paid to the dealing going on in the two block area of Hanover.

    1. I updated the post on Tuesday night … near intersection of N. Bennet and Hanover … think car was initially parked on N. Bennet … just after 11pm on Monday

  2. Very strange dealings always going on there. I pass at all hours and there are thugs all over. No police see this? Give me a break. Deals being done throughout the day. Everyone knows! Nothing done about it. Makes one wonder…

    1. Open your eyes…it’s there. Great neighborhood, but we are not free of thugs who scrape sides of cars with knives, break mirrors on cars,yell obscene language in broad daylight, and then pretend they are all innocent.I love it here, but …

  3. I park on Hanover pretty much every day and haven’t seen the “thugs” you speak of. Do we have any information on what type of car, was the person it it, what time of day?

  4. The North End was always safe because of the people that lived in it. Now those people are either dead, in jail, old, or moved out.
    Enjoy the money you all got for selling your buildings and moving to the burbs!
    Me and my family stuck it out, like the handful of us that are still here and this is what we deal with now.
    See you all at the feasts!
    The at 11:00 pm when the feast ends, you go home to your nice quiet home with the drive way.
    Sorry people but its true.

    1. “The North End was always safe because of the people that lived in it. Now those people are…in jail” wow I guess it must have been really safe back in the day huh!!

  5. SCARY and SAD!!!!! I lived RIGHT across the street from that corner (White Hen was my kitchen view!) for nearly 18 years, and left 5 yrs ago for Southie. – and I actually feel MUCH safer here…SAD that the North End is NOT PATROLLED the way it should be, and that the older, watchful residents have been forced out by (like mine was) greedy, and ABSENTEE landlords

    1. Southie is nice hah?
      I don’t blame you for moving. Best of Luck!
      And you are 100% right, The North End should have cops everywhere but they don’t.

      1. Cops should be around. What is the problem? Too much going on and kids pissing all over. Each night. In front of restaurants etc. it is worse than ever!

  6. It seems that the neighborhood is increasing becoming dominated by short term residents who have no respect for the neighborhood or its residents. With the demise of rent control landlords can really turn a buck and have no interest in keeping good tenants for the long term. The premium that they earn on each new tenant far out weighs the amount of damage that they cause.

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