Boston Weather Advisory Friday Into Saturday From Tropical Storm Andrea

**Weather Advisory**

Mayor Menino Alerts Residents to Impacts of Tropical Storm Andrea

High Winds and Flooding Expected
Residents Should Plan Travel Accordingly
Public Transit Use Encouraged for Friday Commute

Bad weather associated with Tropical Storm Andrea will be headed toward Boston over the next two days. Starting early Friday morning and lasting until Saturday evening, up to 3 inches of rain is expected, with some areas possibly receiving 4 or more inches. High winds are also expected in the City.

As the first named tropical storm of the season heads toward the Northeast, Mayor Thomas M. Menino today warned residents of local flooding and high wind concerns expected this weekend and urged commuters to plan accordingly or use public transportation whenever possible.

“In the City of Boston, we are no strangers to changing our plans because of the weather,” Mayor Menino said. “The best thing everyone can do Friday is plan ahead. Take the T if you can – it’s expected to be a tough evening commute”

The rain will be particularly heavy Friday afternoon into Saturday. The Friday afternoon commute is expected by poor visibility, downpours, and localized street flooding.

The City is preparing for the weather. Boston Water and Sewer Commission crews will spend Thursday clearing storm drains and catch basins to minimize street flooding.

Whenever there are high winds, the possibility also exists for power outages and downed power lines. If you see a downed power line, you should call 911. DO NOT touch downed power lines. If a power line falls near your vehicle, stay in it and dial 911.

The Mayor and his storm team including the Office of Emergency Management will continue to monitor this weather event and notify to public with any new information.