4 Replies to “Neighborhood Video of the Day: Haymarket Square in the 1970s

  1. This video brought back so many wonderful memories of my youth. Saturday mornings we faithfully walked thru Haymarket with my mother, buying our week’s worth of fruit and veggies. After getting home and washing the produce, my mother usually ended up throwing half of the produce away, as it was already starting to go bad.

    Why she continued to do this week after week is beyond me, I think she just loved seeing her old friends and arguing with the pushcart owners…..

  2. I wish there where more videos on Haymarket! My Father in law started working there when a man or police would shoot a gun and all workers would run with their push carts to get a place at 3:30in the morning and work really hard until 10 at night on Friday and get up again at 3:30 start all over on Saturday The children followed working in the cold,the rain,and the snow it was really hard work! Thete

  3. GREAT !!!!! video. Really enjoy seeing the old haymarket. And the music slection was great. I kept singing Jimmy Roselli’s version in my head.

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