Event Notices

Public Safety Discussion Regarding Homeless at Christopher Columbus Park

Important Message from Friends of Christopher Columbus Park

On April 24, a 30-year-old homeless man fell into the harbor at Columbus Park and subsequently died. Police theorized he was pushed by another homeless man. It is being investigated as a murder. This happened at noontime on a bright, sunny day! (See Man Dies After Pulled From Boston Harbor at Christopher Columbus Park; Perhaps After Being Pushed in a Fight)

The city has to take more responsibility for safety in our parks. All the police can do is move homeless people from one place to another. The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park is very concerned, especially about the safety of children in the playground, where homeless people were often sleeping last summer.

Please attend our next meeting:

6:30 PM
PILOT HOUSE (at the end of the building where Starbucks is)

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting is at a different location than usual … the PILOT HOUSE.

Five city councilors have been invited: Councilors LaMattina, Arroya, Connolly, Murphy, and Pressley. LaMattina and Murphy are confirmed. We will be asking that a 6 foot tall fence be installed around the playground and locked every night from May through November. We have to let the councilors know that protecting children is our first priority as a neighborhood. A packed room of concerned, involved residents will do that.


In addition to the above discussion, during our monthly meeting on May 14, 2013 the annual Voter Boxelection of FOCCP officers and two Directors-at-Large will take place. Officer positions include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Clerk. Details on the roles and responsibilities of each of these positions can be  found in the FOCCP By-Laws.

Please come to the May 14 election to vote! You must be a member to vote!
Nominees for this election are:

  • President: Joanne Hayes-Rines
  • Vice President: Ann Babbitt
  • Treasurer: Virginia Kimball
  • Clerk: Audrey Tortolani
  • Directors at Large: Meghan Denenberg and Joe Bono

Click here to learn more about the nominees (pdf).

Nominees are not required to be present at the May FOCCP meeting; however, any nominee at the meeting may make a brief (two minute) statement to the members present. For those nominees not present, the Clerk shall read to the membership the written statement submitted, if any, by the candidate for his or her nomination.

For more information about the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park, see FOCCP.org