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Bread + Butter, A Cafe Acropolis

Nightfall at Cross Street in Boston’s Beloved North End Neighborhood

The cafe acropolis perched on the corner of Cross Street is the North End’s newest buzz and bustle. Bread + Butter is the new kid on the bakery block. Pastry artisan Lee Napoli of South End’s ChocoLee has done it again. With the work ethic of a European baker, Napoli built this honeysuckle castle from her experience at some of Boston’s biggest names: Grill 23, Bricco, Maison Robert, The Buttery, Sardines Bistro, and more. Her prominence as a pastry chef was established during her time at Icarus, a true Boston legend.  Bread + Butter is a succulent experience.

Lunch started off with a personal favorite (and best in city) kale salad. Napoli pairs fresh kale and faro with roasted cauliflower, carrots, and local bite-size tomatoes. Light, flavorful and the perfect accompaniment to any lunch.

Brie- the unofficial logo of France- finds its way on to a number of Napoli’s preparations. The popular lunch choice, brie + pear sandwich, comes oozing with sun-soft brie encapsulated by thin, crisp slices of local pear. This summer colored palette is sure to melt in your mouth.

Duck Confit is the sandwich staple. Reminiscent of a crepe for carnivores, two flaking croissant halves are smeared in fig jam before being doused in tender duck, greens and caramelized onions.

Spinach salad was equally indulgent- earthy quinoa, mushrooms, Tuscan white beans, crunchy radish bits providing texture, flavor, color and pop.

Almond crusted chocolate cream macaroons are a full on French love affair.  Ladurée NYC, you have found your match. It is best to order a few when with a group at a table and chat the night away. The cafe’s open facade frames the city skyline and provides the perfect ambiance to partake in a pseudo-Parisian “stay-cation.”

Although no sign of liquor yet, try Pomegranate Soda or House-brewed Iced-T. Or for a mid-day boost or soothing night cap, cafe comes comes second nature to this French reminiscent establishment.  To beat the pellucid summer sun, sip on a soy-frothed iced-cappuccino. You will not regret ordering this one up a size.

For a scene and to be seen, Bread + Butter seats twenty-five people, offers free WIFI, and even caters to allergies- hello, gluten-free bran muffins. Ambiance is unmatched and pastries are an art with a local twist. Located on 64 Cross Street, Boston, MA, 02113. 

7 Replies to “Bread + Butter, A Cafe Acropolis

  1. I’m a little disappointed that this site is hosting blatant press releases. B&B is far from the perfect experience just yet; let’s let them finish their soft opening before composing symphonies to their greatness.

  2. Since this was something new, I probably should have clarified that this piece was written by a new volunteer contributor, Jacqueline Gray, a 4 year resident from Salem Street. She asked for something she could cover and I thought this opening would be of interest to readers. This was her experience and it needs no apology just because it is a positive article. This was not a paid post nor was the food comped. When we post press releases, we say so. As always, we have open comments, welcome other contributors and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  3. It’s a new place, Bill. Relax. This blog has never been biased in any way as far as I’ve seen. Best of luck to B & B.

  4. I understand what Bill means. I wasn’t really sure what I was reading since it was kinda jumping the shark. I hope they do well though since that location was getting depressing.

  5. Great review and wonderful to have something positive and refreshing in that eyesore spot.
    I stopped by and loved the airy and bright decor, had a perfect latte and wish I hadn’t tried the Queen’s pastry, a Napoli creation. I want one every day! Salty and sweet! Delish!
    About time we have something other than disappointing subs.

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