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Skateboarder Assaults Greenway Staff on North End Parks


Amy Dwyer of the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy spoke to the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) about an incident involving skateboarders on the North End Parks.

According to the report, the incident occurred this week on Parcel 10 in the North End Parks when staff confronted skateboarders that were damaging the park’s horticulture. The skateboarders became verbally abusive and a staff member was physically shoved while trying to escort them away from the park.

The Conservancy continues to install skateboarding deterrents and work with Boston Police regarding those that are vandalizing property in the parks. Park goers are encouraged to report incidents to 911 and send any photos to

Watch the video to hear the full report.

4 Replies to “Skateboarder Assaults Greenway Staff on North End Parks

    1. It isn’t the state trying to get it built, it’s the Charles River Conservancy, as evidenced by your link. This is what happens when well-meaning private individuals propose something that isn’t vetted, and then have to back into a solution. Imagine having someone donate you a Ferrari, but delivering it in a box, un-assembled, and with no insurance, or daily maintenance plan and budget.

      This is why the comments section is usually the last place to get quality information.

      1. The state did grant them the land, so clearly it was “vetted” in some capacity. And besides, a skate park is really not that hard to build. You literally only have to pour concrete. It’s a massive failure all around to still have it as a concept only. It shows how little the parties involved care about getting it built.

  1. actually, the state turned the project back over to the CRC a couple years ago after having sat on it for a decade.

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