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City Plans for Safe and Festive St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Mayor Menino encourages family-friendly holiday, reminds all to celebrate responsibly

The City of Boston has again made plans to ensure a safe and festive St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The Boston Police Department (BPD) will increase patrols, focusing not only on Sunday’s parade in South Boston, but also at drinking establishments on St. Patrick’s Day and throughout the weekend. To encourage people to get home safely on Sunday after all-day parade celebrations, the City has ordered package stores and bars in South Boston to close early on Sunday, March 17, 2013. Package Stores will close at 4 PM and bars must close by 7:30 PM on Sunday. Residents are encouraged to take public transportation when traveling to and from the parade.

“There’s no place like the City of Boston when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day traditions and celebrations,” Mayor Menino said. “We’re working hard to provide a festive, fun, and family-friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy, and we hope residents and visitors alike will join us in that effort.”

On Sunday, a number of streets will be closed to vehicular traffic throughout the day and parking will be restricted on many streets in the neighborhood. Boston Transportation Commissioner Thomas J. Tinlin strongly advises those coming to South Boston on Sunday to take public transportation. South Boston residents are also encouraged to visit www.mass.gov/dcr for information on temporary off-street parking opportunities available this weekend on Castle Island to vehicles displaying a South Boston Resident Parking Permit. These parking spaces are being made available by the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation, in cooperation with the City of Boston. The UMass Bayside Parking Lot located at #200 Mt. Vernon Street will be available to visitors on Sunday at a rate of $6 for the day.

The Boston Police Department, in addition to increasing visibility and patrols, will be strictly enforcing all alcohol laws. BPD maintains open lines of communication with all local colleges and universities and any student arrested will not only face criminal charges, but will also be subject to penalties imposed by their academic institution. Officers will be conducting walkthroughs of bars and city streets, especially in areas highly populated with college students.

In addition, officers are working cooperatively with liquor establishments to be sure alcohol laws are strictly enforced. DUI enforcement will be a priority and BPD will have officers on duty focused specifically on this effort.

City Officials Remind Residents of the Following:

Please be considerate of fellow parade-goers.

Public drinking will not be tolerated.

Do not drink and drive.

Do not engage in negative behavior such as fighting, throwing beverages or destroying property.

Respect police instructions and, if asked to leave an area, please do so peacefully.

Please be aware that there will no parking permitted along the parade route. Individuals are reminded to be mindful of street signs and to follow parking instructions.

If you are hosting a party along the parade route, YOU are responsible for your guests. Please make safe decisions and refrain from unsafe roof top viewing.

Taxis and public transportation offer inexpensive and smart alternatives to drinking and driving. Please take advantage of them. A designated driver is also an alternative.

Residents are encouraged to use the Boston Police “Party Line” at 617-343-5500 to report concerns over a loud gathering in your neighborhood. Residents can also call the Mayor’s 24-hour Hotline at 617-635-4500 with any questions or concerns.


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