North End / Waterfront Votes For Obama (63%) Vs. Romney (37%); Supports Elizabeth Warren (53%) Over Scott Brown (47%)

U.S. Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren stands in the North End at the St. Anthony’s Feast in August 2012 with Ward 3 Democratic Chairman Jason Aluia (Photo by Matt Conti)

The North End / Waterfront neighborhood voted decisively for “four more years” voting 63% for Democratic President Barak Obama versus 37% for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. The result comes despite the former Governor of Massachusetts locating his national campaign headquarters at 585 Commercial Street in the North End. President Obama captured 79% of the vote in the City of Boston and 61% in the overall State with its 11 Electoral votes.

In the much closer race for U.S. Senate, North End / Waterfront voters supported Elizabeth Warren (D) with 53% of the vote versus 47% for incumbent Scott Brown (R) for the U.S. Senate seat. For the City and State, it was 74% and 54%, respectively, for Warren.

In the U.S. Congress 8th District that includes the North End / Waterfront, Democrat Stephen Lynch garnered 76% of district votes over Joseph Selvaggi.

On the State level, Senator Anthony Petruccelli (D) decidedly won the neighborhood as part of his re-election victory over Thomas Dooley III (R) for the 1st Suffolk and Middlesex district. In the North End / Waterfront, Petruccelli garnered 4,965 votes, or 63%, of the votes in Precincts 1,2,3,4 and 6 of Ward 3. The results from the entire district were even more one-sided with 44,155 (82%) to Pettrucelli and 9,904 (18%) to Dooley.

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz (D) ran unopposed and will continue to represent the Third Suffolk District, including the North End / Waterfront. His vote total was 5,979 in Precincts 1,2,3,4 and 6 of Ward 3.

Below is how the neighborhood voted by precinct (preliminary results) in the Warren-Brown and Obama-Romney races:

Ward-Precinct Warren Brown Obama Romney
 3-1 1126 1095 1307 867
 3-2 575 533 689 405
 3-3 524 469 633 341
 3-4 564 548 682 425
 3-6 1358 1021 1523 820
4147 3666 4834 2858
53% 47% 63% 37%

For reference, a Ward 3 precinct map is shown below:

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