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Resident Helps Save a Man Stuck in the Harbor

North Ender Bill Robbins didn’t know he would help save a life on Wednesday night when he went out for a walk. Paula Luccio shares the details below.

Bill Robbins helped save a man from the harbor.

On Wednesday night around 7:45 pm, North End / Waterfront resident, Bill Robbins was walking behind Lincoln Wharf and heard a cry for help.

It turns out a man was in the water chest high and hanging on to the dock, saying “Help Me!”

Bill ran to the concierge at Burroughs Wharf to get someone to unlock the gate to the dock and then ran to the fire station at 50 Battery for help. Several fireman rushed to the scene and pulled the man out. It is believed he was brought by ambulance to Massachusetts General Hospital. What the man was doing in the water is unknown but video tape is being reviewed.

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  1. When a man responds to a cry for help he stands tall. Bill Robbins responded quickly and I am sure saved a man’s life. He truly is a hero. I would be proud to call this man friend. However, he also happens to be my Son. God Bless you Bill. Love & Respect Mom

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