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Breaking & Entering Advisory Bulletin from Boston Police District A-1

There has been an uptick in residential break-ins in the neighborhood, according to some first and second hand reports. We contacted Boston Police District A-1 and more information should be forthcoming, with details at the October 4th Public Safety meeting (6:30 pm, Nazzaro Community Center). In the meantime, Sgt. Lema from Boston Police District A-1 has passed on the following advisory bulletin to avoid break-ins, shown below.

The general break-in reports are similar to those in the past where the entrance door/lock to a North End building is old or simply unlocked. Many North End buildings have entrances that are recessed with alcoves so that a person can stand in the entranceway and easily pry open the lock without being seen from the street. Screen doors and windows are another source of entry, especially in good weather when windows are open. Another common tactic is to buzz several apartments in a building hoping that someone will let them in.

Criminals will often watch resident entry/exit patterns and often strike while people are at work during the day. In an incident last week, a Sheafe Street victim told us she walked in on the break-in.

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  1. perhaps the lone cop in boots that walks only hanover and salem should walk the rest of the neighborhood where crime actually occurs. that cop could not be any less useless.

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