Poll Results: What ideas from the Northeastern Hanover St. redesign study do you want to see implemented?

After two weeks of voting, separating commercial/valet parking from residential, replacing visitor parking with residential, expanding existing sidewalks and angled parking on certain streets were the favorite ideas coming out of the Northeastern Hanover Street redesign study.

Voters were able to choose up to 3 answers. This poll is now closed.

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Background: A group of senior civil engineering students at Northeastern University presented their final study on the controversial issues surrounding the potential redesign of Hanover Street. The presentation and discussion were held at a public meeting in the North End’s Nazzaro Community Center on April 18, 2012.

The team analyzed ideas that have been previously vetted and new unconventional methods used in other cities to complement the past, current, and future needs of the North End from a transportation infrastructure perspective. The primary issues addressed include vehicle and pedestrian traffic congestion as a result of double parking, crowded sidewalks, valet parking, commercial deliveries and a mix of stakeholders: residents, businesses and tourists. A number of recommendations were made regarding traffic flow, resident and visitor parking as well as sidewalk issues.

The project was not sponsored by the City of Boston and the recommendations are simply ideas for discussion. However, city and state officials in attendance indicated they would consider the study in future planning for Hanover St.

4 Replies to “Poll Results: What ideas from the Northeastern Hanover St. redesign study do you want to see implemented?

  1. Good to think outside the box. Should we be focusing on traffic flow, speed limits and cross walk safety. The idea of expanding side walks does not address traffic flow and safety. Angled parking on streets occupied by ground floor residents will provide many a sleepless nights with head lights shinning into residential apartments. Lets find ways to eliminate congestion and improve safety.

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