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Disrespect Shown for Flag on City’s Old Printing Building on North Street

Have you ever noticed how the American flag on the North St. printing building is always tangled and flown at night without being illuminated? Residents continue to complain to the City about the disrespect being shown to the flag on the prominent North End building near the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway.

Submitted by Bill Lane.

7 Replies to “Disrespect Shown for Flag on City’s Old Printing Building on North Street

  1. It's time for City Hall to just fold this flag and store it. No one is tending it at the old Printing Building. Each flag deserves to be treated with care, and City Hall has lost interest in this one.

  2. Great job, Bill Lane! This neglected flag is emblematic of the city and state often forgetting that the People's Republic is still squarely situated in the Land of the Free. Now I'll smoke a cigar to that!

    In God We Trust!


  3. We didn't have any luck at all with the Mayor's hotline, I'm sorry to say. We called time after time, but no results. Sal LaMattina emailed me today, and I have confidence he'll take care of it. We should have called him first. He gets things done.

  4. @Bill: did you use the Citizen's Connect App on your phone? Sometimes (not always) it lights a fire under the people in the Mayors 24 hr hotline office?

  5. @Bill. Jenn needs to get the North End VFW post 144 on their case. Phil Orlandella should know how to get in touch with them. (Matt should also but he seem to be having too much fun on his vaca to bother him)

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