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NEWRA Adopts New Policy Cap for 11 Package Stores in the North End / Waterfront

At this week’s meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA), the private, non-profit resident group unanimously voted to adopt a policy cap of 11 retail alcohol licenses (package and liquor stores) in the North End / Waterfront. The cap is advisory, not binding, to the Boston Licensing Board that is the regulatory body for the distribution of alcohol licenses, officially called “Off-Premises Retail Licenses.”

The cap of 11 liquor store licenses matches up with the current number that exist in the North End / Waterfront. One of those licenses, at 292A North St., is held by Nonna’s Market and is no longer in use. A hearing is pending to transfer that license out of the neighborhood. Excluding Nonna’s license, there are currently 10 licenses in the North End / Waterfront to sell alcohol at retail. This leaves one open retail alcohol license available under NEWRA’s policy cap.

The policy amendment was presented by David Kubiak, co-chair of NEWRA’s Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee and authorized for vote by NEWRA’s Executive Committee.

White Hen Pantry on Hanover St. had recently considered applying for a new retail license to sell beer and wine by posting a petition in the store. However, the owner has since withdrawn the effort to obtain a new retail alcohol license.

The retail alcohol license cap is separate from the “pouring” cap of 91 licenses that NEWRA has long maintained for restaurants, bars and cafes. There are currently 89 pouring licenses operating in the North End / Waterfront with two additional requests pending the availability of new licenses from the Licensing Board, Volle Nolle at 351 Hanover St. and Cafe Lil Italy at 178 Salem St.

NEWRA defines its area for advising on alcohol licenses as the area bound by Boston Harbor,  N. Washington Street, the Greenway and Christopher Columbus Park. Below is a listing of current retail package store licenses operating in the North End / Waterfront.

Retail Package Store – All Alcohol

  • Golden Goose Market – 179 Commercial St.
  • Hanover Liquors – 363-365 Hanover St.
  • Cirace’s – 171-173 North St.
  • The Wild Duck – 96 Salem St.

Retail Package Stores – Beer and Wine

  • Bottles – 350 Commercial St.
  • Bob’s Grocery Store – 160 Endicott St.
  • The Wine Bottega (wine only) – 341 Hanover St.
  • 7-Eleven – 464 Hanover St.
  • Monica’s Mercato – 130 Salem St.
  • Salem Street Market – 170-172 Salem St.

More information about NEWRA can be found at