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Paul Revere House Completes Exterior of New Visitor and Education Center

The Paul Revere House has completed the exterior renovation of two connected Lathrop Place properties abutting its courtyard area. The association is still working on the interior and continues its fund raising effort toward completion.

One hundred years after opening to the public on April 18, 1908, the visitor experience will be greatly enhanced by the conversion of a 1835 Lathrop Place building that stands directly behind the Paul Revere House into an Education and Visitor Center.

The facility will include youth and family program space, restrooms, museum shop, midnight ride exhibit and displays. It will also include an elevator offering full handicapped access to all floors as well as to the second floor of the Paul Revere House for the very first time.

Courtesy of the Paul Revere House, shown below are “before” and “after” photos for the new education and visitor center on Lathrop Place. In keeping with the restoration focus of the museum, significant efforts were made to keep the original bricks and materials for the 1835 properties. For example, while the noticeable crack was a structural problem, the renovated version still shows the crack and most of the original bricks were used while enhancing the building’s stabilization.

Executive Director Nina Zannieri and the PRH staff have started giving tours of the new space to interested residents and groups, such as the North End Historical Society. There are many fascinating stories to these traditional North End rowhouses.

Remember, entrance to the Paul Revere House is free for North End residents!

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  1. Thank you so much to the Revere committee. I believe that Paul Revere will ALWAYS hold a special place in the hearts of Americans. He, and others had to make hard choices that none of us will ever know or understand. But he made the right ones for his country. May God always bless those taking care of the properties. Your work and the heart you put into it means so much to so many!

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