White Hen Pantry on Hanover St. to be Re-Branded as 7-Eleven Store

North End White Hen Pantry to be converted to 7-Eleven

7-Eleven has acquired the White Hen Pantry brand in New England and plans to convert the franchise into 7-Eleven stores, including the North End store on the corner of Hanover St. and N. Bennet St.

This will result in two 7-Eleven chain stores closely located to each other on Commercial Street. An existing 7-Eleven is operating at the corner of Hanover and Commercial Streets.

7-Eleven previously purchased the White Hen Pantry brand in 2006, however, a legacy franchising agreement with New England Pantry of Norwood, MA continued the White Hen franchises in New England. Last week, 7-Eleven acquired New England Pantry which clears the way for the existing 55 White Hen stores to be re-branded as 7-Elevens.

With the acquisition, 7-Eleven will operate 170 franchised stores in the Boston area. The 7-Eleven press release indicated that all White Hen Pantry stores will be remodeled as 7-Eleven stores.

6 Replies to “White Hen Pantry on Hanover St. to be Re-Branded as 7-Eleven Store

  1. What a shame – the White style is so much better than the 7-11 they should just leave it as it is and change the name…….

  2. Parcel ID: 0302306000
    Address: 342 HANOVER ST, Boston, MA, 02113
    Property Type: Residential/Commercial
    Lot Size (sqft): 2634
    Owner As of
    January 1, 2009: BUONOPANE MATILDA TS
    Residential Exemption: No
    Current Owner’s Address: 342A HANOVER ST BOSTON MA 02113

    Value/Tax Current
    Owner(s) Value

    Last updated by City of Boston Assessing Department on June 16, 2009.

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