Sal LaMattina Named City Council Vice-President

Boston City Council President Stephen Murphy (right) and Vice-President Sal LaMattina. (Photo: Matt Conti)The new President of the City Council, Stephen Murphy, this week named District 1 City Councilor Sal LaMattina to be the new Council Vice-President.

This week’s Eastie Times speculates on whether LaMattina might be President when Murphy’s term ends in two years. LaMattina is also quoted about his neighborhood focus:

“We all want to see neighborhoods that are safe and welcoming, schools that kindle a love of learning and produce good citizens, and streets that are clean and quickly cleared of snow,” said LaMattina. “In order to stay on top of these issues, some of the strategies I’ll be looking at this year include year-round street cleaning, increased commercial recycling, and innovative approaches to rodent control. I will continue to work with the Neighborhood Response Teams to quickly address local issues and the Problem Property Task Forces to hold property owners accountable.”

LaMattina also talks about upcoming development projects:

“Development is, of course, important, but overdevelopment is something we must take steps to avoid. As a result, I will continue to insist that input from the neighborhoods be solicited and included in any and all projects.”

Below is the press release from Councilor LaMattina’s office: