Mayor’s Weekly Column

From the Desk of Thomas M. Menino
Every fall Boston welcomes thousands of new young residents to the city, bringing with them the excitement, anticipation, and promise of a new school year. With 34 colleges and universities, Boston is home to some of the nation’s leading academic institutions. Students come from across the country and around globe to study here and they all contribute to Boston’s diverse and vibrant culture. Whether living on campus or in one of the city’s neighborhoods, we want to ensure that students and neighbors enjoy a smooth transition this fall so that everyone can enjoy all that Boston has to offer, throughout the year.

Just as our universities do a great job of educating our young students, we must also educate the students about their rights as tenants and their responsibility to be a good neighbor. In many neighborhoods, college housing is in close proximity to residents who often have very different schedules than college students and they must remember to be respectful of the working professionals and families who are their new neighbors. Our city agencies work hard not only enforcing codes and keeping streets clean, but also to help resolve any quality of life issues for both new and long time residents. Residents are reminded that household trash should be placed outside on regularly scheduled pickup days to avoid violations, and to prevent bed bugs, never pick up furniture left at the curb for trash collection. If you have any concerns or suspect a bed bug infestation, notify your landlord and call the Inspectional Services Department at (617) 635-5322.