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Despite Height Decrease, Residents Voice Opposition to 88NOWA Hotel Proposal [Video]

After the initial meeting to propose a 147 foot high hotel project in the West End’s Bulfinch Triangle on North Washington Street, the developer came back to the table with a similar proposal, this time it was shortened to 128 feet tall. Despite the proposal decreasing in height and featuring changes made to the entrance, neighborhood residents were still not taking this proposal lightly. Many residents expressed disappointment that this new plan did not provide any benefits to neighbors or the surrounding neighborhood. Specifically, they said there is no open space and the look and feel was not conducive to the area.

What is the new proposal? The new proposal is slated as a 68 room hotel built on the 2,159 sq. foot parcel, standing 13 stories, 128 feet tall (the Scotch ‘n Sirloin building is 130 feet tall, for context). Located at 88 N. Washington Street at the corner of Valenti Way, adjacent to the North End, the new proposal is 36,013 square feet (decreased from the previous 39,999 square feet) and features a ground floor lobby, mezzanine level with a small cafe. No restaurants or bars are incorporated into the plans for this hotel.

Residents felt strongly that the glass and metal materials do not fit in the area surrounded by brick and mortar. Development consultant Fred Mannix maintained that, “bricks would make it look like a chimney.”

Full Video Coverage of the January 4, 2017 Meeting:

With the agreement of the BPDA, Boston Planning & Development Agency (formerly known as the BRA) and the developer, the comment period was extended to January 24, 2017. You may submit comments to Phil Cohen, BPDA Project Manager:


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8 Replies to “Despite Height Decrease, Residents Voice Opposition to 88NOWA Hotel Proposal [Video]

  1. If the developers continue in this fashion, Boston will become a bland city. The unique neighborhood character will be lost.
    This is going on throughout the city.
    Where is the concern for the residents and the future of this city?

  2. Where the devil is our grocery store, that was promised with the BIG DIG? We do not need a big grocery with lawn chairs, hibachis, pharmacy, screws, nails, hammers. Other city neighborhoods have: Star Market, Trader Joe’s, Roche Bros., etc.

    This hotel project adds nothing to our neighborhood.


  3. Thanks, Joyce.

    We moved into the North End in 2006. A supermarket was promised at several sites that have since been developed into apartments and/or hotels. One example is One Canal. The supermarket plan never came to fruition. We shall see what transpires with the Boston Garden project.

    1. They have been talking about this for well over a decade. I have lived her for over 30 yrs and I will believe there is a supermarket when I walk through the doors….if I can still walk!

  4. We, the residents of historical North end, should do everything in our power to prevent these developers and architects from changing the historic charm of our little part of Boston. The greed and absolute disregard for people that live in and visit North End for it’s character and charm of narrow streets and authentic buildings are the driving factor here and it is disappointing that BPDA is allowing this to happen to our city.

  5. I like the proposal. That space is so small, you really can’t do much with that land but build up. And its true, if its brick, i feel like it will look like a stack pipe because its so skinny and small. If it was turned into a small park, it would just be littered with trash from the highway ramp like how the other grass sections used to be over there before the construction started. I also like the idea that it’s a hotel, as I could have my family stay there when they visit, instead of putting them up in a hotel further away. Seems like the supermarket is moving forward with the movie theatre at that TD Garden project, so that’s good. This space would be way too small for a market or retail. The Garden project will be great once finished and we finally have a real market close by

  6. I agree, Eric. I personally don’t see the reason for all the fuss either. It’s a smokestack of a building no matter what and is abutted by relatively unremarkable architecture (my opinion), especially that giant new building going up as we speak. What is the big deal? Isn’t that the West End since it is on the other side of North Washington?

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