Event Notices

Monday’s NEWNC Agenda: 5 North Square License Transfer, 5 Quincy Court Addition, Verizon Rooftop Antennas


North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council
Website: www.NEWNCBoston.org
Email: info@newncboston.org

Monday, December 12, 2016, 7:00PM
Nazzaro Center, 30 North Bennet Street

1. Welcome: NEWNC President

2. Call to Order & Roll Call: NEWNC President

3. Meeting Protocol: NEWNC Vice President

4. President’s Report: NEWNC President

5. Committee Reports:

a. Resident Parking/Traffic Committee, Danielle D’Ambrosio

b. Public Safety Committee, Sean Hennessey

c. Greenway Committee, John Pregmon

6. Reports from the Offices of Local Elected Officials

7. 3-5 Quincy Court LLC. Petitioner Richard Traviglione Jr. has purchased this property and applied to extend the living space into the basement, and to add a partial rooftop addition. The two three unit buildings will be combined into a single 6 unit building with no increase in units. Attorney William Ferullo representing Petitioner.

8. 5 North Square Inc. 5 North Square Inc. Transferring license to Petitioner Nick Frattaroli. No changes to hours of service or capacity. (Please note that since the new application process is e-filing, there is no application to print.) Attorney William Ferullo representing Petitioner.

9. 266 Commercial Street.  Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless is proposing to install a wireless communication facility (the “Facility”) on the rooftop of, and adjacent to, the building on the property located at 266 Commercial St. Verizon is proposing the Facility be part of a Cloud Radio Access Network it is planning to deploy to provide capacity relief and improve network service in Boston. Verizon seeks to provide capacity relief and improve network service in Boston by improving voice and data coverage in a targeted area of dense demand. ln addition, the specific site is an appropriate location for the proposed use. Jean M. Curran and Attorney Elizabeth Mason representing Verizon.

10. 406-418 Commercial Street. Verizon Wireless, prospective lessee, erecting wireless communication equipment on the roof of 406 Commercial Street. Proposed plans, which have been modified since the original filing by reducing the height of the stealth enclosure around the antennas. The installation is to augment and improve coverage in the immediate area. John Moran representing Verizon.

11. Community Chat: RUFF