Rep. Aaron Michlewitz Files for Olympics Transparency, AirBnb Rules and Restaurant Incentives

State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz

Representative Aaron Michlewitz has filed nearly two dozen bills covering a wide range of issues to be considered this year by the Massachusetts State Legislature. Michlewitz represents the 3rd Suffolk District representing the North End, South End and parts of Downtown Boston.

In an effort to increase transparency for Boston’s Summer Olympics 2024 bid, Michlewitz joined with Rep. Michael Moran to have a commission that would review the public safety, economic and social impacts of the games. A website would also be established detailing all public and private funds that would be expended. The 2024 Olympics bill is opposed by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh as redundant, according to an article in The Boston Globe. 

“My biggest fear in this entire ordeal is that we could be creating a large debt through these Olympics that future generations will have the burden of cleaning up, similar to the one that the MBTA is dealing with right now in part because of the Big Dig financing,” Michlewitz said. “And so the Commonwealth needs to hold the line as best it can to ensure transparency.”

Beyond the Olympics, Rep. Michlewitz has filed to regulate and tax short-term residential rentals, such as AirBnb. Joining with Revere’s Rep. RoseLee Vincent, the legislators would legalize the gray-area of short-term residential rentals, while imposing safety and registration requirements along with a 5% tax similar to those of hotels.

“Short-term rentals are a growing concern in communities across the Commonwealth,” said Representative Michlewitz. “While short-term rental platforms are a testament to the innovative economy that has thrived in Massachusetts, we want to ensure that they are safe and secure places that work within the rules and regulations that the hospitality industry already operate under.”

Other issues tackled by Rep. Michlewitz include incentives for restaurants to reinvest in their businesses, tunnel safety, and reforming the penalties the Boston Licensing Board can issue.

“These pieces of legislation were crafted to address the diverse quality of life needs for all my constituents,” said Representative Michlewitz. “Over the past year these are some of the most pressing concerns that residents have brought to my attention, and I believe that we have taken those concerns and found positive solutions to them.”

Among the assorted bills are proposals to exempt Boston and Cambridge residents from paying car rental surcharges, creating a public gun offender registry list for those who violate gun laws, legislation that would protect workers from wage theft, making it easier for schools and non-profits to conduct physical activity programs, and a proposal that would make it easier for small businesses to offer more affordable health care plans to their employees.

The Massachusetts Legislature session is currently underway. If anyone has further questions on the specifics of these or other pieces of legislation or the legislative process, Representative Michlewitz can be reached at 617-722-2240 or

5 Replies to “Rep. Aaron Michlewitz Files for Olympics Transparency, AirBnb Rules and Restaurant Incentives

  1. There is no way of keeping track of AIRBNBs, They can start off registering as an AIRBNB , but there is no way you
    can keep track of THE REVENUE THEY TAKE IN. There are people in Somerville renting out A
    ROOM FOR $1,000 in Cash A MONTH & if one think this is going to be reported as income, you are truly in denial.
    AIRBNBS are a great way to make money that can go unreported, just by word of mouth. The most important thing
    above all is SAFETY, who is suppose to be doing the background checks on these people, especially those who are willing to die for their cause. SALEM ST. NEO NAZI & WEST END HIGH RISE 911 TERRORIST. Are these old stories,
    yes, and I would like to think they are going to remain old stories. Terrorism is on the rise, why would one want to
    put neighborhoods at risk, for the love of Money. To all of you that consider the No. End your permanent home, you
    better give serious thought to this proposal, it is frightening.

  2. I think this is a great step in the right direction. Regulating this and ensuring they are safe is key to success. I agree with your points Marie, however I think they are more of a societal risk rather than directly attributable to AirBNB.

  3. GREG POWNELL, Thank you so much for your feedback on my comment & for your concern for Societal Risk.
    I appreciate Revenue just like everyone else. AIRBNBS are operating throughout the city & outside of the City & are not
    declaring this income. This is a very Black & White Issue to me, and forget about Transparency when it comes to
    Airbnbs, there is NONE. I do not think the Reward is with the Risk & if I am in the Minority by saying this, it doesn’t
    matter. The City, as great as it is, has been overcome by GREED, sorry to say, and I don’t see it any other way.
    The No. End, as I am sure with many other areas, has become like a Prostitute & every Pimp in the City wants a
    Piece of the Action, but to myself & others, this place is our HOME.

  4. Aaron, Why would anyone report they have a short term rental apartment to the state? For you and other politicians to acknowledge this and make it OK is a big mistake. How would you keep track of this or the people renting these apartments. The person in my building is still denying it. People were coming in from Canada and Paris, France and who knows where else. I do not want this going on in my building ever again. Before you pass anything, let the people that may have to live with a short term apartment, take a vote. Patricia Bono

  5. Patti Bono is absolutely right. There are people not reporting income from the Airbnbs. I think all you politicians
    should take Marie Simboli’s advise, You guys try it out in your homes, condos & apts. & let us know how it works
    for you, but please make sure you do the right thing & report the revenue , after all, we
    would never want to cheat the City & State of Revenue that is rightfully theirs. Money the Root of all Evil & Greed &

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