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Fireworks Over Boston Harbor [Video]


Fireworks lit up Boston Harbor on Saturday night for a private event at Fan Pier. Not sure exactly what … maybe the Red Bull Cliff Diving or a wedding? If you know, leave a comment. Anyway, for the rest of us on all sides of the harbor, it was a nice surprise. The video shows the finale as seen from the North End side.


9 Replies to “Fireworks Over Boston Harbor [Video]

  1. This was a surprise at the wedding of my cousin and his fiancée. The bride’s mother put it together for a great touch to the end of their wedding night!

    1. Well that’s just a big fat lie. It was THE JUDGE wrap party. But hey, it’s the internet, so say whatever you want, right?

  2. Wedding surprise by the bride’s mom – the fireworks were set off right in front of the State Room where the wedding was – great touch to a great wedding for a great couple.

  3. It was the judge wrap party aboard the boat i work on the odyssey, myself and another server waited on downey, duvall, thorton and at the end rdj gave me a 400 tip

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