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93rd St. Anthony’s Feast and 2012 Grand Procession in Boston’s North End [Video]

It was truly the “Feast of all Feasts” at the 93rd St. Anthony’s Feast in August 2012 as captured in this video. On Friday, the meticulously gold-adorned statue of Saint Anthony emerged to throngs of the faithful. The exposition and blessing by Fr. Antonio from Saint Leonard Church was followed by a short procession before the statue found its temporary home at the feast chapel on Endicott Street.

On Sunday, the procession was accompanied by eight bands throughout the marathon day. Bringing many to tears, the religious walk through the streets of the North End brought out families, friends and visitors to make devotions to Saint Anthony Di Padua Da Montefalcione. In several locations along the way, balloons and confetti added to the atmosphere as society members carried out the St. Anthony statue led by multiple color guards and banners.

As you can see, the statue gets filled throughout the day with dozens of money ribbons. It also gets carried down Hanover and Salem Streets attracting big crowds as it stops at the cafes and restaurants. In the case of Caffe Paradiso, the statue went inside for a little expresso pick-up. As night falls, it is time to head back to the feast for the big finale, with a glorious celebration inside Pizzeria Regina with the final walk to the end of Endicott Street for a fireworks closing.

Some favorite moments in the video:

  • 00:00 Exposition of the statue of Saint Anthony on Endicott Street followed by prayer and blessing.
  • 02:00 Friday night short procession.
  • 04:30 Sunday Grand Procession starts on Endicott Street with marching bands.
  • 07:40 Confetti as St. Anthony moves through the neighborhood.
  • 10:00 Money ribbons from balconies on N. Margin Street.
  • 12:20 Entering Cleveland Place
  • 13:10 Balloons on Price Street.
  • 14:20 Michael unfurls his money ribbon.
  • 17:20 Group shots in motion! (Ba da da da!)
  • 18:50 Statue of Saint Anthony enters Pizzeria Regina. The band plays inside.
  • 21:40 Confetti rains down over the crowd in the center of the Feast.
  • 22:40 Fireworks at the end of Endicott Street.

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