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Normandy Partners Presents “Haymarket Square” Hotel Plan for Greenway Parcel 9 Development

Normandy Partners, in cooperation with Jones Lang LaSalle, presented its project proposal to MassDOT and the Parcel 9 RFP Committee members. The $60 million proposal includes a 180-room hotel, 2-story public “Winter Garden” lobby, community meeting space, public restrooms, Blackstone St. improvements, a “Haymarket Square” through-block connection to the Greenway and a ground floor market.

The presentation took place on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at the Mariner’s House in North Square, North End. The video contains both the presentation and the Q&A period with the RFP committee and public in attendance.

View the Normandy Partners “Haymarket Square” proposal (pdf).

Four bids were submitted in response to the RFP issued by the State’s transportation authority, MassDOT, that owns the parcel. The triangular lot, known as Parcel 9, is adjacent to Haymarket, Blackstone St. and the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway.

The four Parcel 9 bidders are the Boston Museum, Blackstone Market by DeNormandie Companies, Haymarket Square, by Normandy Partners and Market Square by Upton Partners. (See Four Developers Bid on Parcel 9 Project, Adjacent to Greenway and Haymarket.)

Public comments can be submitted to MassDOT via email at: More information is also available on the MassDOT website.

Videos from all the project presentations and community meetings are available for viewing at the Parcel 9 tag: