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Herald Cover Story: Misdirected Email Reveals Salary Details at Greenway Conservancy

The mix of high executive salaries and public funding of the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy is once again making news. On the cover of today’s Boston Herald is “Our Little Secret“, a story regarding a misdirected email by Greenway Conservancy Executive Director, Nancy Brennan, regarding her compensation.

An errant email sent to a Herald reporter probing six-figure salaries and hefty bonuses at the Rose Kennedy Greenway shows the director of the taxpayer-funded nonprofit sought public relations advice on whether to “ignore,” “write her (the reporter) now,” or “respond after deadline later tonight” with information about her actual pay.

According to the story, Ms. Brennan’s base salary has been increased by the Conservancy’s Board of Directors to $185,000 for Fiscal Year 2012, up from $162,000. In previous years, bonuses and benefits have raised the Executive Director’s total compensation over $220,000. Approximately half of the Conservancy’s budget is funded by the State, that owns the parkland created from the Big Dig project. The Conservancy’s lease from the State is up for renewal in 2013.

The full Boston Herald story can be found here, including a comment from State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz who has proposed legislation with increased oversight of the Conservancy.

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