North End Resident Gearing Up for AIDS Walk Boston


Lindsay Frey has a word of warning for her friends: “Be prepared. You’re going to be ambushed.”

Every day, Frey updates her Facebook page with a reminder to friends that she’s raising money for AIDS Walk Boston. She sends out emails and texts, and she’s throwing a party with a $10 cover.

“Before I do all this, I let people know,” says Frey, who lives in the North End. “I say, ‘I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m begging for money. I’m sorry if this is annoying. But this is how it is.’”

Five years ago, Frey lost her aunt and uncle to the disease, which 18,000 people die from annually in the United States. At the time, her cousin was just 12 years-old.

“I come from a very old world Italian family, so you know, it rocked my family. It was just really, really sad,” Frey says.

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North End Against Drugs/Nazzaro Center to Provide 12 Scholarships to North End Students

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