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New Short Term Rental Law Requires Insurance

If you are subject to the new Massachusetts Short Term Rental Law you are required to carry $1 million of liability insurance. Don’t think that your homeowners or renters policy will cover you; they won’t because this is considered a business pursuit!

For an additional premium some insurance carriers will endorse your policy to cover the liability, but they don’t usually provide that high a limit. Or, you could purchase a separate business policy which is usually not very cost effective.

If you rent through a hosting platform they may provide a million dollar liability limit while you have a short term renter, much like Uber does for their drivers who have passengers. However, they are subject to restriction such as liquor liability, loss to your own property, wrongful eviction and libel & slander amongst other things.

There are some specialty carriers that will provide an all-inclusive homeowners/renters policy that will cover you for the exposure and the required limit at all times, without some of the exclusions.

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