North End 2018 Baseball Registration Is Now Open!

Winning All-Star Team

Youth NEAA Players and Coaches at the 2017 NEAA All Star Game Awards

It’s that time of the year – time to register for North End Athletic Association (NEAA) baseball!

Children ages 4-21 (your age is determined by how old you will be on April 30, 2018) are eligible to play in our program. We have a number of programs we offer under the baseball umbrella. They are primarily based on age, but if we determine during the season that a player is ready to play against better competition, we can move the player to a higher league.

The programs are as follows:

We have some fantastic volunteer coaches who give the kids all they have and our focus is primarily on developing a love for the game in your children. We charge a small fee of $50 which gets you a jersey, hat and more baseball than you know what to do with.

Sign-ups are open and online at