Boston Globe Magazine’s “46 Best New Restaurants” features several local businesses. Here they are in alphabetical order. How many have you tried?

“It’s everything you want in a North End restaurant.”
361 Hanover Street;


“Seasonal cuisine [that] draws on a regional array.”
1 Court Street, in the Ames Boston Hotel adjacent to City Hall;

Cunard Tavern
“People-pleasing Jeffries Point pub with wings, steak frites, and pan-seared scallops.”
24 Orleans Street, East Boston at Jeffries Point;

North Square Oyster
“There may be no more charming corner of the city in which to demolish an assortment of local oysters.”
5 North Square;

“Settle onto captain’s chairs to hoist wine glasses, nibble oysters and grilled calamari, and take in the delicious patio view.”
6 New Street, East Boston;

See the full list here.


  1. #18 Moody’s Delicatessan for the first time last thursday before my skin appointment the panini was very good, a great welcoming gesture when you first walk in and they even gave me some free bakeries to take home. The pasteries have that fried greasein it, but delicious. Next time I will be using the $20 gift card I won on Instagram Great place to sit for a quick bite on 500 Bolyston Street.


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