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Missing Person Alert: Zachary Marr Last Seen Outside “Bell in Hand” Bar

Zachary Marr

The Boston Police Department, in collaboration with the Harvard, MA Police Department, is seeking the public’s assistance in efforts to locate 22-year-old Zachary Marr.

Mr. Marr was last seen outside of the Bell in Hand bar in the area of 45 Union Street, Boston at about 1:40 AM on Saturday, February 13, 2016. Mr. Marr is described as a white male, about 5’08” tall and approximately 175 lbs. with short brown hair, blue eyes, and a beard. Mr. Marr was last seen wearing dark jeans, a blue sweatshirt, and black sneakers. Mr. Marr was visiting Boston from Harvard, MA.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Zachary Marr is advised to contact District A-1 detectives at (617)343-4571 or Harvard, MA Police Sergeant Coates at (978)456-1212.

76 Replies to “Missing Person Alert: Zachary Marr Last Seen Outside “Bell in Hand” Bar

  1. I think there were two others also. The fellow with his girlfriend staying at the marriott long wharf, he disappeared and then the fellow from the coast guard also disappeared. They were all out with friends at local bars

  2. there is a subforum on devoted to these diappearances. “Deaths of College Age Young Men/The River Killers.” I certainly hope this young man is found safe, but the circumstances seem to fit an apparent pattern.

  3. If you check out the number of alcohol related deaths deaths of college students on campus or off throughout the country they are alarming but lets not start the conspiracy theories that their is a serial killer throwing drunk students into rivers , in the harbor or off roofs.

    1. Drowning accounts for less than 2% of all suicide methods in the US. Guns are in 1st place followed by hanging and drug overdoses. Furthermore, drownings within winter months are rare for New England, but for Boston, its like lightning striking the same place twice a year for the past 10 years.

      By those statistics, since there are 2 intentional suicides by drownings a year in Boston there should be an 98% increase of other (more favorable) forms of suicides in that same location. Roughly 180 suicides by Gun, Hanging and or overdoses.

      Though some believe accidental opioid overdose constitutes a labeling of suicide so by those numbers we would be having close to 600 suicides in boson a year. but the truth is far from this.

      In 2016, if one wants to commit suicide He / She will most likely pick the most painless / easiest / most comfterable way to go and when one simply researches most favorable ways to perform a suicide, Drowning isnt even on the list.

      Suicide by Drowning is almost non-existant, drowning in winter in boston is almost non-existant and given the circumstances, unless we start treating these mysterious vanishings as kidnappings, the odds of finding these young men safe, warm and alive are close to none.

      I am here simply to cut through the fog and spark a much needed conversation. Peoples lives and loved ones are depending on this.

      P.S. anyone with any possible theories and or tips should obviously go directly to the A-1 unit Boston police.
      but feel free to email me directly at
      Thank you.

      1. Who said anything about suicide? Perish the thought. By the way, I’ve not heard the theory of a suicidal person choosing the least painful, easiest, comfortable method.

  4. I have seen a lot of these guys that come to the city and start acting like, what they believe, is an urban thug. They start using their mouth. You probably have heard some of what they are saying. They aren’t careful when they get liquored up. I have always wondered what could happen when they start that up with the wrong guy. You can theorize serial killers all you want, but they generally like to have notoriety, like a Son of Sam type. But the other pattern you see is, late night at the bar, step out side and disappear. Maybe they should raise the drinking age again?

    1. Maybe you should mind your own damn business. This is a close friend Zachary’s and even when drunk he was the nicest person ever. He was a gentleman and never disrespected anyone at work or school, which is why we find strange that he is missing. He was of legal age to drink and he was celebrating his birthday, he was not looking for a fight nor just getting drunk for the hell of it. Don’t be so insensitive and think you can judge someone because you read an article about them when you don’t know how they really were.

    2. If he didn’t meet an awful end due to his own, even if poorly made, decisions or actions, I am more inclined to believe, that there are a lot of ‘bad’ people out on the streets after 1am, and someone followed or did something to him, either for the hell of it, as an attempted robbery, or as some sort of gang activity.

  5. One thing is clear & that is this city needs to install surveillance cameras in many areas.The family of the young man claimed that after he finished smoking outside the bar he tried to re-enter but the doors were locked. The bar’s camera however show that he never tried to re-enter & walked away alone?

  6. Why would he have texted someone inside telling them that they wouldn’t let him back in?If his intention was to just leave why wouldn’t he had grabbed his coat?Just because the bar is claiming he never tried to get back in really what does that say?They certainly are not going to say he tried and we denied him entrance, 9 degree weather, no coat,he had been there hours partying with others.It certainly wouldn’t look to good for the bar.His friends said they were on their way out(10 min)Why with him knowing that would he start to walk(no coat)towards the artery?At one point in the video it does show him on the phone, was he calling the people he was with or someone else?They should know that by now.I think the police know more than they are saying.I hope and pray that he ends up home safe with his family.

    1. The police most likely do know more than they have released so far and won’t have much to say until they have a more coherent picture of what exactly occurred. Seems strange that he would have left his party with no coat on and no one went out to keep him company or share the smoke? Possibly a tiff with the people he was with and they are not eager to discuss his state of mind? The bar claims to have a security camera view which shows that he did not re-enter and wandered off, while other people did re-enter. Why not text someone in the bar to get his coat out to him? Maybe the reason he didn’t go back in was because he was angry. I imagine police still need to retrieve other security footage from the area and canvass other near by places to talk to whoever was working in the area that night. You have to imagine that he is in one of the area hospitals or tried to get into some place warm. Given how cold it was he wouldn’t get too far without stopping somewhere.

      1. I wonder who he called when he left the bar to have a cigarette. I thought I had read that he ‘left the bar to make a call’ (in addition to having a cigarette).

  7. These days when people go out together they need to stay together.If someone male or female has to use the restrooms, someone else needs to go to.If your going out for a cigarette, or to make a phone call, someone else needs to go to.At all times when people are out partying it should be like the BUDDY system.Especially the way the world is today, so many bad people just lurking and waiting for the opportunity to get their hands on someone by them self.I am not pointing fingers at anyone, its just pretty sad when you can’t even go out and celebrate your friends birthday without it turning into something like this .No one could of known, it’s a dam shame we live in such a scary world. My prayers go out to Zachary and his family and I hope he comes home safe.

    1. Wow, you have a wonderful outlook on life. Fact is, you do not need a buddy system to go to the restroom, to make a phone call, etc. If someone is as scared of this big bad world such as yourself, maybe they should just stay inside where it is nice and safe.

    2. Go down to Faneuil Hall, Haymarket, the North End, the foot path along the harbor from Joe’s American Bar & Grill down to where you get on the commuter boat at the Boston Harbor Hotel … on any given Friday or Saturday night from midnight until 3am … and just watch. See what you see – what type of people are roaming around and if anything looks odd. Has to be.

      1. If someone is intoxicated and you are out with a group of people I see no reason to let that person go anywhere alone.Friends watch out for each other.Just like you wouldn’t let an intoxicated person drive, you shouldn’t let an intoxicated person wander off.Anything can happen.And yes this is a “Big Bad World” but that doesn’t mean I stop living.I make sure to be aware of my surroundings, and try not to put myself into dangerous situations. He was alone,and drinking and then vanished.Have they found him yet? No, and that’s a sad situation.I pray for Zachary and his family that he comes home soon. God Bless

  8. Linda, the amount of alcohol that a person consumed plus the worst thing you can do id drink heavenly & step out in below zero weather.That alone can make a person disoriented & everyone knows being intoxicated often leads a person to poor decisions.

  9. This situation is puzzling. There are a lot of unanswered questions and details, which I imagine the police are not answering or divulging, to protect the investigation. Some of this stuff is none of our business (e.g. “he’s had his problems”), although it would be helpful to know sort of what that means – drugs, debts, feuds, mental illness? It might help figure out what on earth he could have been thinking or doing during his trip to Boston.

    The relatives and/or friends who were at the bar with him Feb. 13 – did they arrive in the Faneuil hall area in a car, whose car, which garage did they park in (there are several), and did they plan to drive back to one of their apartments or houses in Boston, and he was planning to stay there Saturday night? Or did they take the T that evening? If so, I assume he knew that address he’d be staying at that night? Even if he got lost, couldn’t he take a cab or walk to that address? If he had no cash or was in real trouble, couldn’t he call 911 or walk into someplace that was open? There are hotels all over the place down in that area, among other things. A report said he had been dropped off by his dad at the commuter rail in Franklin, MA I believe, and he had taken the train into Boston. What all happened between the time he arrived in Boston and he stepped outside the Bell in Hand to have a cigarette?

    If the Bell in Hand video clearly shows he didn’t try to get back in, I’d have to believe that. Yes, I guess he could have tried to get back in one of the other doors, but as someone else said, the main way into and out of the bar is the front main door. I guess it is possible he was drunk enough that he tried to get back into a different bar? And when that didn’t happen, he texted his cousin to say he couldn’t get back in. I’m wondering why he would lie and say he couldn’t get back in, if that absolutely weren’t true. If he wanted to get away from them to do something nefarious or meet up with someone else, why wouldn’t he just say, “hey, I’ll catch up with you guys later back at the apartment/house.”

    One of the surveillance photos looks like he could be on his phone. I’m sure the police have looked into his phone records/pings.

    There has got to be additional video or photos from one of the other establishments nearby. It’s so dense with places and there are cameras everywhere. There are also cameras on the artery/expressway that they could check to see which cars came and went onto or off the expressway during that time (remember the video of Hernandez’s Altima pulling onto 93?).

    If you’ve had too much to drink and you don’t stumble into another establishment or store, or end up on the ground where somebody finds you, or end up hit by a car on the artery or other road – where in the world are you?! If you were just drunk or high or cold, you’d show up somewhere the next morning. Since that hasn’t happened, I have a very bad feeling about this.

    I understand that drunk people walking along the harbor could fall in. I just have a really hard time believing that’s what happened here. You just walked out of a bar, and you’re going to stroll over a mile to the harbor and then on your own, oops, fall in and die? Seriously?! If that were the case, this would be happening every weekend in Boston. It’s nonsense!

    It almost seems like he has to have gotten in somebody’s car – willingly or not – and has met some sort of awful end. Or, someone followed him after he left the bar and did something to him, or took him into an apartment or other area.

    This might be a serial killer (yes, I’ve read about the retired detectives and the similar cases in the Midwest and NY), and the individual or individuals have travelled around and committed these types of murders over a 20-year period. Or, it might be a gang-related type of thing – initiation into a gang if you do this type of thing to another person. And the gang has chosen this method because it leaves few clues. Although I can’t figure out how they manage to evade video, cameras, or anyone seeing these men in their final moments. Even at 1:40am, there are people walking around everywhere in Boston on a Saturday night – Faneuil Hall, Hay Market, the Greenway, the North End, the harbor and its hotel walks.

    I just don’t get it.

    I will say a prayer for this man.

    1. You are correct, if he had walked anywhere he would have been seen by cameras. at 1:50 the bars are letting out and if there were some sort of struggle of kidnapping someone would have seen or heard something.
      so, that leads us to believe.

      1) He was standing outside, cold, in 9 degree weather without a jacket when someone in a vehicle offers a warm ride home, Zach would have said no my family is coming outside and im waiting for them, driver could say “well you can wait in the car if you would like” zach “ok” and then they are gone.

      2) Zach was communicating with someone on his phone when he stepped outside, someone whom he kept secret from his friends // family.

      These are the only two possible scenarios given the facts and lack of footage of him “walking” anywhere.

      this proves he Willingly got into a vehicle one way or the other.

      this place is highly populated ESPECIALLY at closing time if there were any sort of struggle someone would have heard or seen.

      it is highly likely A vehicle is involved given the 9 degree temp and the fact he hadnt had his coat with him, also he isnt seen on any other camera footage.

      i didnt get a cab or uber, he lived an hour away in Harvard, a cab OR uber would cost over 100 dollars and HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS WERE COMING OUTSIDE IN 15 MINS.

    1. what if it’s scopolomine? we know of two people who had bare skin and weren’t let back into a bar. All it would take is the slightest skin contact for that drug to kick in. We saw robberies happening under the influence of this drug, why can’t people be coerced to “just walk away” while on it? Think about it……

  10. The Harbor is a 15 to 20 min walk from the bell in hand tavern. on a cold night for someone who doesnt know the area at all it is highly unlikely he walked to the harbor to “jump in” and drown, ofcourse! without being seen by any cameras or people.

    for a REAL constructive conversation email me at

    these comment feeds JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER TIME are full of people who would rather pray, wait till hes found(alive or dead) or wait untill another young man is missing. these people have nothing to add to the conversation and have been obstructing the current progressing conversation with repetitive non-sense questions they could easily answer themselves with a simple *Google-search.

    1. X
      Can you please give info on who you are?
      I don’t particularly want to email someone without knowing who it is and your role.
      Are you a PI?
      A cop?
      What is your connection here?

      1. For my own safety i am not giving out my personal information. Clearly i am here to help locate Zach.
        Again if you have nothing to add and are only here to belittle others and or express your vast knowledge of the English language through snarky witticism then you are contributing to the disparity of Zach and his families dire situation.

        I am not here to “Pray” i am not here to answer simple questions from people just “jumping into the conversation” i am here to help figure out what could have possibly happened to Zach.

        There are very few credible theories, Two that i can think of and i have expressed them almost to full detail above.

        This comment feed is full of non-sense, i am getting a few constructive emails that are sparking interesting ideas.

        This is my last post in this thread.

        1. Please. No one gives their personal information out on the internet, for their own safety. Whenever anything comes up, countless people get on the internet and comment. It part of the way the world works now. People are on the ground in Boston helping to “locate” Zach. In the water. It’s not nonsense. It is what it is, unfortunately.

        2. I don’t think it wise for anyone to contact you by email without knowing who you are.
          When they email you, you then have their info and possibly identity.

          I’ve been investigating the several similar disappearance like Zach’s for years.
          And I’ve posted on with info for his family – an email to contact a professor working on similar disappearances.

          Not sure who or what comments you are slamming, but anyone and everyone with any humanity want this young man found safe and sound.

          I, as a mother, am sickened each time I learn of another case.

          Again – posters beware of contacting a random email address.
          It’s impossible to know who it is and for all anyone knows, it could be a potential perpetrator.

  11. Totally agree and … ok. I lived in and worked in Boston for nearly 20 years – only just recently moved in past couple months. Been ‘out’ there many times – restaurants, bars, shopping, sitting on the greenway, walking to the north end for coffee or a pastry, strolling across the greenway over to Columbus park to see the little blue lights on the archway at holiday time. Sitting by the harbor at lunch time to get some sun, a cocktail at one of the bars if anyone from out of town came to visit … show them around. Worked a white collar job just blocks from Faneuil Hall. I think this is why this has me so rattled the past few nights. You just wonder … what the hell happens to people?! This could be me or anyone I know that this happened to. I do hope he is found safe. And I do understand that it is being said he is a nice guy, working, going to school. But sometimes even these people make a phone call to try and get or do something that might be out of character, you know? Or they take off. That might not be what happened here, but you just never know what people have going on. Ugh! Most of us would probably say, oh I’d never get in a car with someone I don’t know, I’d be smarter than that, or … I’m situationally aware, I’ll be fine. When I was in my 20s I felt a big invincible and probably was a bit careless when going out with my friends at night. It just never crosses your mind anything could happen to you. We always think this happens to other people. On TV. Ugh.

    I understand the pray, hope, wait, post thing – sorry. I don’t want to add to the pile, really!

    Maybe someone saw something and will make a call. And maybe they have more pieces and can get this figured out. I will be following this from another area of the country where I am now.

    Sigh. 🙁

  12. X : I agree with your sentiments regarding the posts. Who do we think we are? Police? FBI?
    Let’s leave it alone now, especially out of respect for Zachary and his family. We do NOT know the facts. Let’s end this thread now…..please.

  13. Sure some people here are attempting to play amateur sleuth here mainly because this has happened before in the area.It isn’t far fetched for people to speculate foul play. Hopefully the their will be a positive outcome.

  14. Police tell NECN they have received information leading them to this search (of the Charles River, or area near the Zakim bridge).

  15. Michael – You accuse others of playing sleuth while turning the spotlight off of the shocking number of similar missing persons cases in the U.S. Always Germanic to some extent, young, promising enough and vanishing in similar ways. If the FBI considers this enough to investigate, then I will side with those who find the common threads unsettling.

    1. Brian – you are absolutely right. I don’t get how anyone can accuse others of being sleuths when what may have happened to this young man has so many commonalities with the disappearances of other young men before him in the same area.
      All in winter.
      All but one without a coat.
      Eugene Losik
      William Hurley
      Eric Munsell
      Cell phone calls go to voice mail after ringing before the cell is dead entirely and calls go directly to voice mail.
      One of the young men, Willam Hurley, was on the cell with his fiancé who was a minute from him trying to find where he was as she had come to pick him up.
      She was talking with him and heard someone yell out to him when he asked for the name of the street he was on so he could tell her when his cell abruptly goes dead.
      She arrives a minute later finding his phone in pieces on the sidewalk.
      He vanished into thin air – that’ how quickly it happened.
      For whatever reason, some in the community don’t believe these disappearances are carefully orchestrated.
      Heck – authorities have ignored this.
      It is happening in other areas of the country as well.
      It’s alarming and I am sick with worry for this young man – who I don’t know – and feel for what his family is going through.
      This area of Boston is quaint, generally safe and very popular.
      One wouldn’t think plots so sinister could exist here.
      Consider this – why do all of these cases happen in the dead of winter?
      Why not in the summer months?
      If this was about young men drinking and becoming disoriented and walking into the harbor, wouldn’t the odds be higher for it to happen at a higher rate during summer months when the Boston bars are full of partiers?
      I have Zach Marr in my thoughts and hope for a miracle that his story ends differently.
      But our community must ban together and insist that aurhorities stop scoffing at the possibility that these disappearances are no accident.

      1. Thanks, BT. The common tie of German/Germanic blood is a wild variable. You know that the FBI guy investigating a similar cluster of disappearances and deaths in the Rockies killed himself, right? This is a nationwide problem. In the Midwestern clusters, the young men are always found, in places searched prior sometimes up to three times, and always have been immersed or face down in water for very few days relative to their length of time missing. There is a Tempe, AZ and L.A. cluster, too. As for Boston, this is not the a complete list above. :O

        1. Brian, Yes, I am aware of the nationwide issue and have been in touch with one of the duo team of investigators who have time and again hit a brick wall with authorities and legislators.
          I did not know of the FBI suicide.
          Authorities must invest the resources needed to end this and citizens need to come together to insist on it.
          It’s just horrible and unacceptable that these crimes are allowed to continue happening.

  16. Brian, with all due respect to the victims of similar disappearances & their families lets be honest the common denominator in all these cases is overindulgence of alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Michael – The common denominator in some, not all. I am not speaking of just Boston here. This is a nationwide phenomenon. each cluster has particular and peculiar similarities. I’m done engaging with you, as you seem to need to research this on a national scale before commenting further. / B

  17. The longer this goes on I keep flipping about what I think happened here. I am now 50% that something terrible happened and he’s dead, and 50% that he left on his own accord for whatever reason and maybe he’s fine. If he got in a car with someone, he could be on the other side of the country by now. The alcohol common denominator doesn’t help things, but in the photos he is at least standing up, walking, making phones calls. I keep thinking about the “he’s had issues” comment, and something else I read that he had said something about wanting to go to Florida. That could all be hogwash. Who knows. I’m wondering if this disappearance in some way involves drugs. I don’t care how drunk you supposedly are – when you’re supposedly not let back into a bar, and it’s closing in less than 20 minutes, and your party is inside, if nothing else, sit down outside right by the bar, ball up to keep warm, and they will find you when they have to come out in just a few minutes. Lord.

  18. You all don’t know what discipline is. It means restraining yourself from these comments now, while this tragic investigation is on going. Some people do not know how to be quiet.

    1. Jamison.the last time I looked around this was still America although I don’t know for how much longer, but my point is people have the right to comment on any issue on the site.Since when did you become the moderator?

  19. Brian, several years ago a young woman extremely intoxicated who was not a resident of the North end walked into a building [in the North End] & climbed the stairs to the roof & either fell. walked or jumped off the roof to her death.Sadly we will never know the reason why but I guarantee you if she wasn’t drunk it would not have happened.Students have fell off roofs ,fell through sky lites in Boston & the rest of the country. People who have had one too many have fallen of cruise ships, tried to storm the cockpit of a plane in flight, or tried to open the emergency exit door. Everyone has witnessed what happens to some people who have had too much to drink.Their judgment & decision making is impaired I’ve seen it at the Christmas party at work, graduations, weddings ,funerals, Birthday parties you name it .Their has not been ONE OF THESE INCIDENTS & ZERO EVIDENCE THAT ANY CRIME WAS COMMITTED.There are plenty of people out on the streets of this city at 2,3,or 4 AM do people honestly believe that people are being abducted ,& taken to a river or the harbor or a roof & no-one see’s anything or no surveillance camera captures these so called crimes?

    1. Michael
      Just as no when is witnessing and cameras aren’t capturing these young men walking into the water on their own.
      So there’s no evidence that we know of to either scenario.
      In my opinion, based on years of investigation and dialogue with others investigating such cases, it appears that someone is responsible for the deaths of these young men.
      As in most cases that lack concrete evidence, there is a divide in thinking and opinion.
      But it is everyone’s duty to demand that a link in these cases be investigated by authorities.
      One or 2 young men losing their lives every year in one otherwise safe and revered area of Boston is unacceptable.
      And someone needs to ensure that other innocent young lives are protected.

  20. There’s not enough information and evidence being disclosed to know what happened.But some of the things his father and cousin said are concerning. We’re not stupid. Read between the lines. He had issues. All of us probably have at one time or another. But most of us don’t disappear. That is extremely rare. Something is going on here that is probably not … ‘Gee, this poor boy got murdered and dumped in the water’. Of course it’d be wonderful if is alive and returns! But how are you going to feel if he just took off because he’d had it, or something like that, with someone or something? People are people, but geez. We’ll see what happens.

    1. For the record – I am going to feel WONDERFUL, ELATED, GRATEFUL when Zach Marr is found alive and well.
      It’s ignorant and insulting to accuse me or anyone expressing an opinion out of concern for the safety of young men who socialize in the waterfront area regarding what appear to be links in multiple missing cases is wishing or hoping that this young man isn’t safe.
      I continue to hope that this Zachary Marr is safe and it’s simply that he decided to take a break from whatever may be going on in his life.
      The facts remain and sharing opinion and information with others – which is my sole reason for posting here – is power.
      Power in protecting all of the young men ahead of this who come to Boston to celebrate and be with family and friends.
      I want the tragedies to stop and I’m insisting that the authorities stop turning their backs.
      And I plan to ensure that Zach’s disappearance and the others before him are investigated.

  21. BT, some people swear they were abducted by spaceship’s & examined by aliens and quite a few people buy into it.As in woman who are attacked I’m quite sure that the BPD would warn the public if they suspected someone is murdering inebriated patrons of local bars.

    1. Michael – I respectfully disagree.
      Perhaps it’s a difference in one’s own life experiences that you and I don’t see eye to eye on this.
      We invest too much in believing that authorities always do the right thing.
      Most do, but when resources are lacking and a variety of other factors are in play, it simply doesn’t happen.
      Oftentimes it takes a squeaky wheel – a banning together of those who insist the investigations are taken further.
      Equating insisting on a link to be investigated in the deaths of these young men to spaceship abduction is saying those who simply want a more thorough investigation of facts are out of touch with reality?

      1. BT, you never addressed the documented incidents that I brought ,up maybe you should ask the “friends” of this young man & the “friends” of the last mystery of a belligerent drunk who is asked to leave an establishment & ends up in Boston Harbor [and believe me the bar wants every dime from their customers} so if they throw someone out you know that person is out of control figure the rest out.Back to my point where are the “friends”???????The reason that there are so few comments on this story is because residents of the NE know I’m right and are tired of people coming to our neighborhood & turning it into an outdoor urinal & toilet.No—one in todays society[poltiicians included] take responsibility for anything!!

    2. Having lived in Boston for nearly 20 years … I do recall from time to time the police warning people about various types of situations and issues – like when someone was attacking people along the esplanade late at night. I recall a few college-aged people getting attacked or beaten up late at night riding their bike or walking home from the T or some event. There was an individual or couple that was snatching purses and belongings from people off the street (like Newbury or Boylston), sometimes in broad daylight, and they warned people about that. And phone snatchers on the T … several things on the T really. There were many other things. I don’t blindly trust the police – look, they’re never going to tell you everything. But if there is a concrete concern, I have felt like they’ll say something. After 9/11 and the marathon bombings especially, I think they even lean to the side of caution and mention stuff to people. We don’t know what they have or don’t for any case, but if there is no evidence suggesting any foul play happened, what are they supposed to do?

      I was thinking though … with the marathon bombings, I know at first they probably didn’t want to release additional photos or videos of the Tsarnaev brothers. But when they did, how quickly did that escalate a resolution. Again, I understand the police have certain things they want to protect. But if they have additional video or pictures of Marr that would greatly help the public to provide more tips, what in the world are they waiting for? If they don’t suspect foul play and they have an idea of what did happen, why are they letting the public run around Boston looking, inspecting, putting up flyers, etc.? When they know already, based on interviews with the family, friends, coworkers, his “issues”, whatever – and some evidence that they already have and are keeping close to your vest – what might have happened.

  22. Mary, of course the BPD will play it close to the vest about what information to release while the young man is still officially missing. But you can bet they have pretty good idea of what happened by checking phone records & his credit or ATM cards to check if they have been used.If they are looking in a particular area it is most likely the last ping that they traced to his phone.

  23. Maybe a relative should go enter him into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (from the Justice System). Unless there is some reason not to? Currently, when you search by his name, nothing comes up. There are other current cases (from earlier this month) that are there and spotlighted.

  24. Perhaps we would do well to refer back to Adeliz’ post of Tuesday. She is a friend of Zachary’s.

  25. After all I have been reading,and I didn’t actually know how many men had gone missing before the Zachary Marr case, I agree that this really needs to be investigated.Young men,drinking,alone,then vanish.Then found in water.Too much of a coincident,there is some serial sicko out there preying on young men it seems. B PD needs to revisit the ones that have been found and start all over.I can’t believe these men are just deciding to go walk down by the water and then falling in.And what not one knew how to swim?There something sinister about this whole thing.

  26. Mary-11 : One would hope that a relative need not be reminded to add Zachary to the National MIssing Persons system…….if his family indeed chooses to do so.

  27. Something is really wrong with the repeated stories of all these young men from all over the country. I pray this young man is found. To many similarities. Breaks my heart. This story really bothers me and just read about all the other young men that left bars only to be found in rivers. Something very sinister is going on.

  28. This study id from the National Institute in alcohol abuse. Last year 1,825 people between the age of 18-25 died as a result of alcohol related incidents. Mainly due to binge drinking.597,ooo sexual assaults were reported on college campuses.539,000 students reported being assaulted by a fellow student who had been drinking.1’25-1.5 % students reported that they had thought of or attempted suicide after alcohol and or drug use. How many young men do you think come to the city of Boston to drink in the course of a year? Two or three in the last several years after leaving end up in a river or a harbor & somehow people are suggesting conspiracy theories & a serial killer lurking the streets.

  29. I am shocked at how people comment on this site about these young men and do not have all of the facts. lets get one thing clear if you all did your research you would know not all of the young men were intoxicated in fact the bar bills for many were just barely enough for two beers, some where in fact on the phone and lost communication suddenly. all were educated young men that had bright futures. I have heard that many had crosses or religious items around there neck and they were not found with the bodies. (Very interesting) there are so many of these similar cases in the United States right now. ITS SCARY! If these men were found in a field or on land we would have investigated this a long time ago. (How clever of these people thinking of such a twisted way to kill our young men) It has been going on for many years I am sickened at what group or person would do such a thing and why? There are so many of these cases in the Midwest also its not just in Boston. And its not a case they had two much to drink and drowned, I wish it was that easy and explainable…We need answers on what the police/FBI are doing to solve these cases.

  30. No one is trying to play amateur detective here.Have every right to voice our opinion as you do and anyone else.Some see it one way, some see another way .Doesn’t mean your way or my way is right, it’s just an opinion!!

  31. I just read they are searching the waters near Nashua St for a second time.Something must of lead them there.I am still holding out hope but it’s not looking good.My thoughts and prayers continue to be with Zachary and his family. God Bless

  32. There are some really sarcastic people posting on this sight.Just because someone doesn’t have the same opinion as you, or they are so called amateur sleuths, you throw digs into what they wrote.My opinion, her opinion, his opinion, can be heard just as well as any body else on this sight.We have every right to voice it as well as the next person.And if I or whoever repeat myself oh well, to bad.That’s why it’s said that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. God Bless Zachary and his family
    I am keeping an open mind regardless of the second water search they are doing.It isn’t final until someone is found.Just because something looks a certain way doesn’t mean that it is.

  33. As far as the way it’s being reported by several different news outlets and in reading quotes from the BPD chief, no one is saying that video shows him going into the water.
    The Globe story yesterday was sloppily and hastily reported.

    There is video of someone they believe is him near the water on Nasha Street and then disappearing.
    But no where is it being reported that video shows this young man going into the water.

    I believe that’s an enormous difference.

    Whatever happened to him, it is just incredibly strange that he decided to leave the area after waiting for his cousins for several minutes.
    And to walk to that area…bypassing Haymarket and North Station…it’s baffling.
    Such an awful time for his family.

    1. Where is the ambiguity?

      “Police Tuesday disclosed that a surveillance video appears to show him going into the river.

      His father, Matthew Marr, told the Globe Tuesday that police recently told the family that the video shows Marr on a walkway and then walking on train tracks before he disappears into the water. The father said he recognized that the video appears to confirm the worst fears about Zachary’s fate. but he was still holding out hope.”

  34. Yes – I just a few minutes ago read The Globe updated story with info that the video shows him on the bridge with the tracks and gap(s).
    I hadn’t seen that detail reported anywhere.

    So…Did he walk down the middle and fall through?
    Did he make it to the other side?
    I hope so.

  35. Does the video actually show him going into the water? I’m reading he disappeared into the water.Did he jump, did he fall, did he slip?Does it look accidental or intentional?Does it show him submerged in the water?They haven’t found anyone as of yet, some things may appear a certain way when they actually are not.I wouldn’t give up hope until they could show me positively him.My prayers are with Zachary and his family.God Bless

  36. Having brought up the possibility of this young man being a victim of the “River Killers,” I think I owe an apology to BPD for criticizing their response. They had a video they probably would have preferred not to mention for the sake of the family’s privacy. Our comments on why the search centered around the waterways likely pushed them to share that such a video existed. They searched tirelessly in brutally cold weather on the streets and on the water. Being a search and rescue diver must take extraordinary amounts of courage under the best of circumstances; the BPD divers went into black, icy water, risking injury from the many unseen objects in the harbor, to try to recover this young man’s body and bring a degree of peace to his family. Zachary Marr’s death was actually a tragic accident. He waited for his cousins, then decided to take the train home. He wasn’t familiar with the area and followed the tracks to find the station. It was simply horribly unlucky that he fell through that gap. I regret I suspected any circumstances other than a tragic accident. Genuine respect to the Boston Police Department for their handling of a situation so difficult and painful for all concerned.

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