Closed: DiPaolo & Rossi Meat Market on Salem Street

Catching up on North End comings and goings, DiPaolo & Rossi Meat Market has recently shuttered their shop at 56 Salem Street. D&R was started by two Italian Immigrants in 1974. John & Peter ran the unassuming butcher shop, well known for their Italian sausage, custom cuts and of course, the classic cash register.

We have not heard of what will open in the D&R space on Salem Street. If you know, please leave a comment below.

3 Replies to “Closed: DiPaolo & Rossi Meat Market on Salem Street

  1. Prior to their closing, I heard that the building owners daughter was going to put in a candy store.

    1. I hope its not a candy store, or an Italian restaurant. Lets get creative and bring in something different!

  2. DiPaolo & Rossi closed in January shortly after New Years. It was a great disappointment. I’ve not heard what will happen to the space but it’s a shame that a valued business that had been there for 40+ years was pushed out due to increasing rents.

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