High Gear Jewelry Closed on Hanover Street

After 25 years as a retailer in the North End, Merilee Wolfson of High Gear Jewelry was forced to close after a pipe burst above her shop. Over the years High Gear won many awards for beautiful fashion jewelry, including 2012 Best Of Boston by Boston Magazine.

A message from longtime owner Merilee:

First , I would like to thank all my wonderful and loyal North End customers who have supported me over the years. I have loved every minute of being part of such a great community. I hope my love of jewelry has been apparent, and it is with this enthusiasm that I will continue to sell High Gear Jewelry, but perhaps in another format. I would love to keep everyone informed as to the direction that I will be taking.

Anyone who would like to be kept informed can e-mail me I have also set up a new business facebook page High Gear Jewelry Boston, and would love to invite as many people as possible at “like” the page.

I say, “Thanks for the memories” and lets make new ones!

Merilee Wolfson, owner
High Gear Jewelry

Merilee Wolfson celebrates the 2012 “Best of Boston” at High Gear Jewelry on Hanover Street

8 Replies to “High Gear Jewelry Closed on Hanover Street

  1. Matuni Merri its like a double edge sword, your safe thats the main thing but a sad thing that you had to close and but this is a new beginning for you are now gonna sell your jewelry on line. Im with you all the way Meri and i miss you alot. your cottage is fine and we got like 5 ft of sand back and our bunker and dune is building up, growing up . here at my place, the boys and us have hired a professional to tell us what kind of sea grass to plant in the dunes, and what kind of roses to hold the dune
    we are all chipping in so this is good and i buried 15 christmas trees in december
    and buried them in the dunes and built a bunker and when i got back from florida
    it had held and the sand kept building up and all the craters in my dune have filled in and rebuilt themselves. hooray just alittle man power

    so you looked good in the picture. babe, hows your mom ?
    miss you Meri when are you coming down
    Mama C, the mermaid of the dunes Janice

  2. Thanks Jan, but I haven’t made a decision yet as to the future of my business, but I will keep everyone informed.

    1. Dear Meri . . .
      You always have graced the New End and our lives with a gem of a business . . .
      But, most of all . . . your smile, panaché, laughter and love for your friends, family and community are the best treats for everyone !
      We miss you just smiling out at us and look forward to you bringing a little more glamor into each day !!

      This is just the start of a stylish new world for you . . .
      Please keep us posted !
      Here’s a toast for a future filled with all that glitters and the very best in the world.

      1. To Rosanne, and all the wonderful people who have contacted me, I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of kind, generous and encouraging words and what I have to say is “back at you ” because you all have filled and enriched my life, and will continue to do so. Thank you doesn’t ever cover my feelings, Merilee

  3. what a sad, sad day, Merilee. total bummer. please keep me posted, i love your jewelry (and you!!!) bev from RI xxxxxx

  4. I regretted seeing such a dramatic closure in unfortunate circumstances since I’ve admired your indie retail shop quite a while. I’m honored to keep your grandfather’s file-cabinet desk in good use and hope that I may provide some neighborly advice to you as you may transition to online sales. Thank you for everything you’ve done…and will do!

  5. I traveled into Boston today especially to visit High Gear. I love your jewelry and wanted to purchase a few items for Mother’s Day . I was sooo disappointed.
    Please let me know when you are planning to return.

    A loyal customer,


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