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North End Trash Survey Results: Keep 3 Pickup Days Per Week With 1 Recycling Day But Put Out Trash Later

With 305 responses, the North End Trash and Recycling Survey results are in. The majority of North End residents that completed the survey want to keep the current 3 days per week of trash pickups including only 1 day of recycling. However, most residents would support putting out their trash later the night before or the morning of pickup, especially if the pickup time were 9am instead of 7am. The idea of introducing strategically placed community dumpsters received a mixed response, 53% in support with 47% opposing the concept.

Pickup Days Per Week for Trash & Recycling


A 60% majority of North End residents said they need 3 days/week of trash pickup and 56% would keep the current 3 day/week trash and 1 day/week of recycling pickup, instead of going to 2 days pickup of both trash and recycling. These results supports the current system of trash day pickups.

Time to Put Out Trash on Streets


Perhaps surprising in the survey results, a 64% majority of residents would support a policy change to have trash placed outside at 9:00 pm or later before the day of trash pickup, rather than the current 5:00 pm start time. Furthermore, if the trash were picked up at 9am, instead of the current 7am, most residents would agree with a same day trash placement on the morning of the scheduled pickup day.

Community Dumpsters

On the subject of community dumpsters, strategically placed throughout the neighborhood, it was a close call with 53% supporting the concept and 47% opposing the idea.

Survey Tabulation and Comment Review

The survey was completed over a 15 day period in late January and early February 2013 with a total of 305 responses representing nearly every street in the North End / Waterfront. In addition, over half of the respondents also provided a written observation or suggestion. The survey results and written comments are being reviewed by the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council, as well as local public officials.

Next Steps

NEWNC and Boston’s Public Works Department will discuss next steps at the NEWNC meeting on Monday, February 11th, 7:00 pm at the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 N. Bennet Street (see agenda). All are welcome to participate in Monday night’s discussion.

5 Replies to “North End Trash Survey Results: Keep 3 Pickup Days Per Week With 1 Recycling Day But Put Out Trash Later

  1. I think you should compromised instead of 9pm it should be at least 7pm for the elderly. We still have elderly people who live in apartments, and keep the same time as is in the mornings for pick up. Thank you Angela

  2. I wish there could be more of a discussion as to what would need to be done (and perhaps compromised) to get a second day of recycling pickup. If a (small) majority of residents do not want to lose one day of garbage pickup to gain one day of recycling pickup, are there any other options to make it easier for residents to recycle? This is hands down the biggest problem I face with waste pickup. By volume, at least two thirds of what my household generates is recyclable, so the 3/1 split of trash pickup days to recycling pickup days simply does not work….the recycling continues to pile up and take up too much storage space.

    1. totally agree with SBW. unfortunately, the voters keep electing people based on their heritage and the last letter of their names instead of people with forward-thinking ideas. at the end of the day, nothing will change because the city’s stagnant leadership never changes.

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